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:(  The pages of EP are littered with folk who trudge through their lives battling with the conflict between the truth of this experience group and the rules of propriety.  Why must we feel guilty for needing a lover who accepts us for what we are and pushes us to (and sometimes beyond) our boundaries?
I think slipnot3 sums it up wonderfully - "both so aiming to please each other in the best way when both of us come together and we are ready for exploring and experimenting together should be something we both are capable of without any hang ups."

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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

there are wayyy to many people in this world that have this thing about how sex is dirt :( & its not :) sex is something thats very beautiful & more of us should feel the very same way :) if we allll could get over this ,then i think the worl would be in a much better place

Wow! You guys are on the same page! Thank you for your comments and making me feel better.

sex was never meant to be ajudged so nor to result in it, share it, gift it, take it, explore it, learn it, live it, respect you would have all others do so for you...<br />
<br />
there should be in every country schools of higher learning to teach the joys of sex...and in every town sex should be an activity as open to society as jogging, or going to the gym for a work out or even a superb yoga session...<br />
<br />
leaving us all to pursue the happy spiritual fulfilment of love that has no confusion caused by ignorance of the place, space and grace of healthy expressive lust and the physical consumption of safe sexual enjoyment...<br />
<br />
In fact love itself should have dedicated universities to its wholesome enlightenment in society also...The world needs more Leo Buscaglia's in it who taught Love101 at university...<br />
<br />
instead I had to learn from my idiot friends...good golly miss molly what a journey of ironic tragedy that education turned out to be - lucky for me my wife saw my potential and has thoroughly schooled me in all the arts...ha ha ha<br />
<br />
sex is to happiness as air is to survival...