Where Did She Come From?

This story is from years back. I was in the navy and the ship was in the shipyard for repair. A friend wanted to borrow my motorcycle to go home over the weekend and in exchange he loaned my his firebird.

So another friend and I left out of the base going to a club for the evening. There was a coliseum just outside the base that must have had a concert or something that just ended. Two girls were on the sidewalk and wanted a ride... they looked great.. so.. why not.. we offered them a ride. One got in the front next to me (I was driving) and one in the back seat with my friend. I asked where they needed to go... and they asked where we were going.. Needless to say we all ended up going to the club we originally were headed for. Both girls were really hot. The one in the back seat with long black hair, the one sitting next to me had short dark blond hair, both had jeans and tee shirts that fit their curves sooo nicely.

Now the girl in front didnt just get into the passenger seat.. she moved right over next to me in the middle. We started some conversation.. I asked where she worked.. etc... Then I felt her hand on my thigh.. my breath just like gasped.. Within a few quick seconds I was hard.. and she new it. I grew hard right into her hand. Then she slid her hand further between my legs and cupped my c*&k. She new what she was doing.. she could tell what it was doing to me. I tried to be polite as if nothing was happening.. didnt want to do something to offend her.. at the same time I'm thinking what would offend her? She apparently is looking to excite me.. So we just kind of continue talking.. Friends are in the back seat.. nothing happening there..

We shortly pull into the club. It was a quick drive.. seemed like eternity from the tension I was experiencing.. Once in the club we got a table and ordered drinks.. There was a dance floor and music, and within just a few minutes, this girl was pulling me by the hand to the dance floor. The music wasnt fast or slow.. kind of in the middle.. She danced her body up close to mine.. I was already hard just watching her and thinking of the car ride over. As she moves in close, I feel my c&*k being gently squeezed.. OMG.. .. my heart was pounding, racing... I almost couldnt swallow.. she looked at me.. I looked at her.. I never in my life met a girl so forward... but I loved it ... here we were in public and she was grabbing my c&*k. It was torturing me. Here tee shirt was tight.. it wrapped around her body tight as skin.. cupped her breasts.. they were perfect round, yet small.. but sooo pefect.. as if she had nothing on.

We sat at the table for a few.. finished our drinks.. time flew and it was actually late. We left the club. Again, she is seated right next to me.. I' ready to burst.. I ask about taking them home or where ever they need to go.. The girl with me asks where I stay. I explain that I rent a room in an apartment with friends and they are gone for the weekend. Its quite for a while, then I feel her rubbing my c*&k again.. she says, "would you like to go back there"? I pause.. not sure what to say.. I'm kind of a nice guy.. with an animal inside.. I definitely want to go home with her.. but I don't want to scare her off.. during the silence of my indecision, she says "we dont have to". That was enough for me, I said yes.. lets go to my place..

We drop of the other girl at her place and then drop my friend at the base. They did not talk much. She did not seem to be as sexually wild as this girl.. but, not my concern. We get to the apartment. She asks where the bedroom is. I tell her upstairs and to the left. I had to do something downstairs first and so a few minutes went by. I made my way upstairs to my bedroom. Its dark of course, my eyes are adjusting.. and just starting to see enough to make things out. I look to the floor next to the bed.. a pile of clothes.. girly ******** sox, jeans, all in a sensual pile.. all the clothes are there.. panties, bra... I know that all that is in the sheets is the bare soft skin of a tight curvey body.. the one that could not resist holding and rubbing my c&*k all night even if it was through my jeans...

I was sooo beyond foreplay.. foreplay had happened all night earlier... I pulled the sheet back... and there she was... beautiful.. perfect cupped breasts with little perky nipples begging to be teased, licked, pinched... her body had such curves around her waist... and then... OMG .. such a beautiful p*&&y.. At first all I could see was a nice smooth mound with lips that were slightly swollen to the touch.. the only thing that made the separation known ... she was so tight..

I wanted to pleasure her.. I wanted her to feel like she never had before.. she new how to treat me.. and she was not afraid to .. and wasnt afraid for anyone to know she was doing it.. she new her sexuality.. she was pleased with her body.. she new how it would make her feel and she wanted me to do her..

I gently licked her p&**y .. slowly up and down.. occasionally penetrating my pointed wet tongue deeper... her breaths were deeper and erratic.. her body made slight movements from her contractions of pleasure.. I gradually slip my fingers into her.. I lick her **** with strokes.. my fingers slowly penetrate her at the same time... the double sensation drives her wild.. I can feel her contract on my fingers.. she is soo dripping wet.. the taste is soo incredible.. dripping thick wetness.. I take in all of her..

I cant resist any more.. I need my c&*k in her... I widened her legs.. she lifts them up and back exposing herself ... its like she's telling me to dive in.. The head of my c*&k touches her p*&&y.. its like a shock... a string of electricity.. I slowly dipped into her only by an inch or two... she was so tight .. it was like a ring pulling at the base of my head... I was soo sensitive there.... her little mound just cupped my c*&k perfectly... I had to go deeper.. I had to fill her with deep, thick wet c*&k... I imagined the fullness she felt. I imagined what she must think and feel as that ***** swallowed and squeezed my c*&k .. urging my *** out.. making us both dripping wet... I could feel the juices on her thighs.. dripping into the crack of her ***...

She says "I cant believe I found someone like you" ... I became soo turned on by hearing that.. I new she was is ecstasy.. short strokes.. I knew it was hitting her gspot.. she made her hips move up and down in short fast strokes.. then paused as I went deep into her.. our pelvises pressing against each other .. I could feel the head of my **** massaged deep inside by her contractions...

Then she raised her arms over her head.. pressed against the headboard... she says "**** me hard".. OMG I thought... I pounded her.. deep and strong.. my c&*k lifting her body up off the bed as I penetrated her.... and then as her back arched.. there was no sound.. my c*&k was so full throbbing hard I thought the skin would rip apart ... an explosion of *** .. splashing deep inside her.... we grabbed hold of each other.. squeezing tight.. It was if we were one..

I dont even remember falling asleep.. I might of passed out.. The next thing I remember.. I feel a warmth and wetness on my c*&k.. Im hard.. I realize its barely morning.. the sky is barely lighting up... But what is happening... I feel circles of wetness and warmth tracing my c*&k.. teasing its head.. then warmth engulfing the whole shaft... my hand grazes soft skin next to my chest... its her thigh and beautifully curved ***... she is sucking and licking my c*&k ... OMG.. I woke up to the most incredible experience... never before... this girl is incredible... she new how much I sought to please her that last night.. she knew it took in and cherished every taste, scent, wetness.... and now she made it my turn... her spit dripped down my shaft.. my balls were wet.. I could feel how slippery my c*&k was from her mouth and the wetness she excited from me...

Then she climbed on top.. mounting me.. sliding down my shaft... I could see her now and i could see the expression as her tightness engulfed me further and further... I could see her pleasure in her face... again I saw those beautiful breasts.. I had to reach for them... cupping them with my hands as she rode me.. gently pinching her nipples between the lengths of my fingers... Her head would tilt slightly back... her mouth relaxed.. but it opened ever so slightly in the shape of a small round circle.. I could tell there was pleasure trying to be expressed in her mind.. but she was so caught up in the moment and her feelings that no sound came out.. we both came again... it was beautiful as she fell to me on the bed.

Both of us feeling very hungry now, I offered to make breakfast... She asked for one of my shirts... OMG.. that beautiful body barely covered by one of my cotton button down shirts.. the curves of her breast somewhat showing.. the side of her thighs peaking out from the bottom of the shirts... she was just one irresistible being.

Unfortunately, when I opened the fridge... not enough of anything to make breakfast... a hazard when sharing an apartment with others... I made coffe at least and we talked for a while... she asked if I was with anyone... I said I dated someone but we didnt have a commitment... then my ego kicked in... I was not committed to the girl I dated... but this new girl struck a cord.. I was now feeling guilty... you know.. part of the upbringing ... I know I wasnt doing anything wrong.. people dated and went out with others frequently... we didnt have any kind of exclusivity arrangement... so why did I feel guilty? A little time went by as we finished our coffee.. and she asks If I would like to go back upstairs... Still stuck on the guilt from a bit ago.. I said no thanks... She then asks If I would like to shower with her... I said no thanks...

After we were both dressed, I took her out to breakfast... we talked some more.. finished our meal.. and I dropped her off where she lived. I didnt ask for her phone number. I didnt give her a way to contact me.. of course being in the shipyard.

She was gone from my life forever... she was an incredible girl... the kind of sexuality and experience I had always dreamed of... and now in this day, wish I had. The memory of being with her is recorded in my thoughts... I can still feel her touching me as she did.. I can still see her mouth trying to moan as she was on top of me.. I still see her clothes piled by the bedside. I still feel how our pleasure was intense, unlimited, unrestrained, uninhibited...

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d*** u didnt get her #, very well written. i wish i had someone like that!

How can you not be COMMITED when you are married?Your values is messed up.

This was before I was married...... Why did you think this happened while I was married?

Oic.Because from your stories, your wife is like a cold fish, sort of?