Good, Many Words!

Good sex is important. It isn't everything in a relationship but it is a key part in making that connection from friends to something more.

Sex was always that elusive thing that everyone talked about when I was a teenager. And then my first boyfriend was a guy that did not make it what it should have been. Totally the opposite in fact, and it really put me off for a long time. Sex was not something I enjoyed, with my first real experiences of it being bad for many reasons that I won't go into......a nasty guy, that is all that needs to be said.

Then I met a guy who changed that. He showed me that sex was something intimate, special, a shared experience that can be incredible when you have the emotional connection to back it up. Sex with him was completely life changing...although I would never tell him that.

Having a really negative experience of it initially, made me feel that I missed out on that first time that everyone talks about.......I didn't talk about mine. I might one day, but I have blocked a large part of that time out and I don't know when I will be ready to share it.

I am so glad that someone showed me what real sex is about, what loving sex is about, and what it can be when you just click. Good sex is important, but incredible sex is life changing. I am glad I found someone that proved to me it is something to be appreciated and enjoyed.
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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Be aware women, that good sex can bind people. I think when a man has shown a woman REAL o-rgasms, the one you scream out loud, the woman will instantly fall in love with that man. You seem an exception, and maybe the sceptisism of the first experience held you back from falling in love with this lover. But sounds like it has been good you didn't as he was not a 'good choice' otherwise (then good sex)... I beleive people can LEARN to be good lovers, and learn to enjoy good sex. (I've proud myself of teaching a few things to a few people). But it also broke my 'innocence'. Because usually the first time you have good sex, it will result in you falling in love and starting to revere and worship this person, sometimes way more then he/she is worth. (until you find someone who rocks your world even better). For me in the end loyalty is also important, and it needs to be both ways.

I think I understand your feelings, but not why you dont tell your lover what he's done for you