A Bond That Can Hold A Relationship In Place

is definitely good sex. Now mind you it isn't the only thing that makes a relationship good. However if this part is missing the entire relationship is a big nothing. I read of people on here that stay in sexless relationships for whatever reason that may be....all I have to say is I could not do that ever.

Not just any sex either, really good sex where 2 people share on such an intimate level of understanding that the sex is amazing however it is done. Slowly, frenzied, wild, or kinky. That level of intimacy is so important in a relationship that if it is missing so is a huge portion of the relationship itself.

Of course I want the rest of the relationship to be amazing, have fun with the man I am with outside of the bedroom. Whatever we may or may not do I want to have a great time. But when it comes to our time together naked? This has to be amazing and for me each and every time it is just that....amazing.

I found the most incredible man who completely takes his time to learn my body and its reactions to pleasure, pain and the mixture of both. He lets me free my mind of my fantasies and make them realities. In turn however he lets me explore every inch of his body for pleasure too. The more pleasure he gives me the more I want to give him times 2! I try to find new adventurous ways to please him and take his breath away make him shake from head to toe. That is the hugest turn on to me.....turning him on wow!

So I hope that while he is learning my pleasures, secret and open, I am learning his just as well. Cause I enjoy him in and out of the bedroom, shower, living room or wherever we may be playing and enjoying. Because we are open, our relationship will flourish, not dwindle like some people experience over time. They live with that, I know I cannot and now I know I will never be without the incredible sexual pleasure he gives me.
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You know what real loving is all about dont you? - Thanks for sharing that

Well real loving is much better than what many people do which is go through the motions. I am very blessed!

So true....thank you for the reminder.
It has worked for us over the years, unfortunately sometimes we forget why.

Married for almost 3 decades.... And still looking forward to every day

Which goes to show it is the right way for a relationship to stay strong and enjoy every moment. You are a perfect example of this! Thanks for you input.

Thanks...great help for so many people here who have not experienced any sexual relationship or those who are about to get married.

Your welcome! It is good simple advice! (and it works)

Like you say great sex contributes to a great relationship

It does contribute greatly to the relationship. Thanks!

I couldn't agree more.... Great post. xo

Isn't is funny how over time we look at things? I read so many stories of people in sexless relationships and I think to myself I could never be in that place. So I am glad I am not! Thanks!

There are people who stay in sexless relationships and quite frankly I don't get that. What is there for either person? Sex feels good especially if it is the person you love fully and deeply that you are having and sharing your sexual being with.

Whew, that left me breathless..... I confess that I am one of "those people" that live in a sexless marriage. And yes it is miserable. We have though, been able to find some other ways of meeting on common ground and get along better than we have in many years. But, there is no way to become one without sharing of your bodies. And also I am not a half way kind of person, I dive in head first. So, that is where the problem lies....

That is how I would find it, miserable. I would feel unwanted, unloved. I give those people (you included) some credit because I would have left the marriage. Because I know there is someone else out there who would want that intimate relationship with me (well I found him) but do you see what I am saying? I definitely feel for you!

I wasn't seeking sympathy. Its a decision I guess I made a long time ago and there are certainly positives, especially my brilliant and talented daughter. But I fantasize a lot and I greatly admire and envy the relationship that you have found. Like I have said, I am very happy for you. I think only someone that has been in this situation for some time can appreciate fully how blessed you guys are.

I know you are not seeking sympathy we have chatted enough times but it doesn't make me feel less sympathetic to you. Positives are great! I am glad you find fulfillment in your life in other ways like continuing your education like me! I still give you much credit to you for staying.

Thank you for your kind words. I hope you are having a great weekend!

Pretty good so far I do have lots of homework to do lol! But otherwise enjoyable. Hope yours as well.

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I know our love and pleasures will only grow on our journey together babydoll!!!

Yes they will. Because we are open with one another about everything it makes everything amazing. Just remember I will always try to outdo how you make my body feel...I just need to come up with new and fascinating ideas ;-)