Im Craving You

I love your body

I want to press your body against the wall, my left hand on your chest, my right hand in between your legs.. I look up at you and your eyes are closed, your head tilted back against the wall and your breathing is a bit heavier than usual. I blow in your ear and you open your eyes wide and look down at me. My right hand grasps your ****, giving you an erection. I lean and brush my lips across yours, but thats not enough for you. You but your hand on my cheek and bring me close to you and passionately kiss me, you part your lips so i do as well and i slide my tongue into your mouth. I bite your lip. Under my hand i can feel your **** growing, under my body i can feel your breathing grow rapid. I slide down your body and pull your pants off with my teeth, you have nothing on under that so i go straight into it.. I kiss around your waist, driving you crazy. My tongue slides up your shaft, and swirls around the head of your hard ****. I suck on it very lightly, you let out a heavy sigh, letting me know im doing a good job. I have your whole **** in my mouth and you groan with pleasure as i deep throat you. I can tell by how fast your breathing that your getting close, it turns me on so much. I know im wet. I suck faster and faster. You're there. You moan so heavily as your voice hitches in your throat. You *** in my mouth, it drips down my throat, warm and slippery. I swallow and swirl my tongue around the head of your **** for a final groan of ecstasy from you. You pull me up to your level, and kiss me, it excites me and your already hard again. I like at you and can tell by your eyes that its my turn..
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Holy Christ! What's the purpose of this? I'd like to know? Please add? :)

Wow! That's hot!