Le Place De La Loge (trois!).

Robert seemed so deliberate in his attentions in the pizzeria, only, there were lots of other people there, and they seemed to be aware of what was happening, I think. He smiled when I kind of nodded toward a couple of guys who were looking over.

Robert left a couple pieces of pizza, as he paid the check and we set off out into the night. We walked back up to the place de la Loge, and the bars. there are alot of bars in this part of the city centre, near to the Castillet and the Hotel de Ville. Red Wine for the both of us!

We found some seats, stools, and sat up. I admit I wasn't what they call 'lady-like' in how I sat, my knees apart, he sat close to me on his stool. We talked some more, but already I had a very wet crotch! Sex was definately on my mind, and I like to be surprised with sex, it has to be good!
Anuledroan Anuledroan
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013