I Would Not Be Here With Out It.

Some things i have read in this group seem very far off what it is like to have public health care so i thought i'd share what it is really like.

In Australia we have government health care and it is fantastic, I have been unwell most of my life and in America i would never have qualified for health insurance. No matter how sick you become our government pays for the majority of your costs.

I do not have private health insurance however I can have as many free appointments with the GP of my choice as i need, blood tests, ultrasounds etc are free and public hospital stays are also free. And on most occasions i can see my GP on the same day as i call for an appointment and specialist appointments usually have a wait of 3 days to one week because people with more severe need get priority.

We have no less choice than under a private system, our facilities are great and our country still has a lot of money to contribute to the buying of new technology and to allow us to discover major medical breakthroughs such as the cervical cancer vaccine. 

If our country did not have a public health care system i would not be here today. 

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Here! Here! Thank you Australia! Hello from Canada routing for the little guy that represents 70% of Americans! Much love to you all and may you have the right to live!

Sounds good to me, the United states government has<br />
been trying to kill me for the past 4 years. Denied insurance, or Medicade or medicare, being diabetic and<br />
physically disabled I could not afford medical treatment, or the medicines I needed and did without for 18 months while trying to get in a clinic. <br />
<br />
What I would like to know is how's the weather in<br />
the land down under, I may consider becoming an Aussie!