Government Health Care ... Great!

I really don't understand the great argument against this service.  There will still be doctors who can practise with out being under the Government Health Care systems.  England has had this system at least 40 years. Canada and other major nations have it also with great results.  America is the only major country in the world without total Government health care for its citizens.

We have to stop saying no to a system that will stop the systematic turning down of the poor and children from necessary health care.  We pay taxes and this something I would want my taxes to pay for, seriously!  People could receive more preventive medicine work. Instead ofwaiting 'till they are half-dead or so far gone no treatment will help.  Money really needs to be taken out of health $ education equation in America.  Plus preventive medicine is cheaper for all concerned and is a win -win situation.

Heathcare around the world is consistently better than ours.  Most people in other countries don't even have the health problems Americans have and there is a good reason for that... But that is another issue for another time.

Just make sure we take care of our people and stop taking care of everyone else's country before we take of our own.  Charity begins at home.  America needs to use her tax/revenue funds to make sure our people are taken care of with government funded total healthcare and education.  Lets use what we have for our own infrastructure and citizen growth.

I bet if we took away total heathcare from all members of Congress until the rest of the U.S.  population has total heathcare the right thing would finally get done.

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I don't think anyone should demand us to get healthcare either.<br />
<br />
I wonder though if we put a law in place that states"As long as the majority of people in the United states do not have Healthcare then no one in government should have paid healthcare, either." <br />
Why should poor Americans keep paying for something other people can have at poor Americans expense. No more. If the average working American does not have Healthcare then no one else should either, well at least not at our expense.<br />
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Ok, I JUST say a thing on the news about this.<br />
I disagree, it is unconstitutional for the gov't to COMMAND us to get healthcare (whether we need it or not).

Truer words were never spoken! That is why we are going to have remove the $$$$ out of healthcare. If done correctly we could stop this system that only allows for certain people to have a life saving service. Mayhe we should stop calling it healthcare and call it what is is ... LIFECARE. There should be no astronomical price on the lives of the citizens of this country. <BR><BR>The service does not take that much money if it is administered without everyone having to have a $300,000 salary. Nothing costs as much as the prices man will put on things just to make a 200+ mark-up profit. EVERYTHING is going down in the world because we got too greedy with our marks-ups for profit. The world markets, most people of every country and the mainstreet businesses have had to some very hard corrections because of this practice.<BR><BR>All we ever have to do is plan the right way to do a thing and then implement that plan in the right way to get the best results. Everytime we pick the shortcuts, kickbacks, and ridiculous prices plan everyone has to pay for that type of plan in the end.<BR><BR>Like I have never looked at a tree in the ground that a had price of 1 million dollars on it, but we price man made things created from that tree at that price! Does that make any sense??? Not to me. So let us do healthcare different from the past but do let us get it done, and soon...<BR><BR>Love & Blessings

i think it will work out just fine but you know how people are they are skeptical!

Okay, Universal HealthCare. But it needs to be started there are ways to do this correctly. <br />
<br />
To be frank, I am not impressed with American healthcare either. But I am always one to make sure we are spending money in the right places. Again myself and a host of others feel very strongly about this<br />
and want to see this type of change, soon.<br />
Love and Blessings