Another Bogus Idea

Socialized medicine is a hazard to us all, who already have health care as a benefit and now will be taxed on that benefit in addition medicare and medicaid already deducted from my wages and forced to have supplemental health insurance once I retire to qualify for medicare. I would prefer to opt out of all this nonsense. Just like everything else in American life this is just another big money grab.

Just as Josie said why participate in a system that will determine the amount of health care you should receive in accordance to your age or circumstance. As an American I feel it's my right to choose to pack it in when I decide to not because of a dollar sign value put on my remaining life's breath. Dr. Jack is an option that I think I should have, not a mandate imposed by bureaucrats in Washington.

Participation should be an option because this is just another way of making us all pay for the medical professions lost income from treating illegal aliens. Socialized medicine will be more of a burden than most will be able to handle and will be less affordable than the present system in the long run.

Now as of November 21,2009, we as Americans are confronted with the government run health care that will run private insurance providers out of business. Citizens from all over the world come to America to receive the best that health care can provide in the most cutting edge treatments. Those people are from Canada as well as Russia. If socialized medicine is so great, why come to America? Because of the long waiting periods in other countries usually means death comes before treatment. Welcome to our future.

For those who have to choose between eating or paying the rent as a middle class citizen in America, you will have to sacrifice somewhere to come up with a health care plan. There is no opt out option. You will either have health care or face a $250,000. fine or 5 years in jail under the Pelosi plan. The politicians in government are pushing real hard to get this crap passed before most citizens have a chance to read all of the bill. That's why the Senate is working this Saturday on a vote. The economic times today in America are bad and our elected officials are pushing us the the brink, because they they have forgotten who they represent.


If this legislation get passed, I hope the U.S. citizens will remember how things were done and reward these buffoons with voting them out of office.

Unfortunately the healthcare bill passed, this congressman spoke exactly how I feel about the whole issue:

I was mistakened about insurance companies going out of business, They will make more money than ever because just like manditory car insurance, there is no getting away from paying for insurance and the increased insurance costs will just be passed on to the public.. I recently found out that the insurance companies helped to write the bill, so there you go. We've been had again.

Caliper Caliper
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Our only source is the internet news, Of course we now probably question too much for the government to feel comfortable with what issues we have with all this, so we're all probably going to be rounded up and thrown into FEMA camps as domestic terrorists. Free thought and logic are controlled by the thought police. They're all a bunch of communists, no doubt about it. Watch as they pickup the carbon tax scam and try again to jam that down the U.S. taxpayers throats as well. Our U.S.A. is ripe for the taking.

Thanks for your comment have said it well..I don't think it could be said better!<br />
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Thanks and I agree one hundred and ten percent!