I find it odd that so many Americans have completely written off something they have not even experienced.  I am a Canadian and we have government healthcare and yes it is not perfect, but it works.    My dad was posted to Colorado when he was in the military and got to see how both systems work and well the only way the American system works is don't you dare get sick unless you are rich.  Which to me does not work at all.  One of my dad's friends worked for one of the biggest and wealthiest companies in the State and still had to sell his house to pay his wife's hospital bills when she got sick and he had insurance.  How does that serve anyone?  I am disabled and the simple fact is if I was born in the states I would either be dead or my family would have been homeless and on the street to pay for my medical bills.    I have nothing against our cousins to the south, but the simple fact is I would never move to the states because of this completely broken system.    The thing that amazes me the most is how the American government and the insurance companies have brainwashed the vast majority of the population into supporting the most broken healthcare system in the developed world.

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This is so funny! So many places in the world have government health insurance, I don't understand what the big deal is? I pay about $300-$400 in my tax each year and in return my whole family pays $0 for any hospital treatment, and GP visit is 75% paid and prescriptions are subsidized. It's great.

And yet...spending a trillion dollars on a war to find weapons of mass destruction that we never found was okay...go figure.

Why did you cross groups to post your story? You don't want others to have theirown group to post pro articles in?<br />
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Every group has its opposite but some how no one can let the other side have their space to themselves.

Hey! Why not go all of the way and force health care workers to work for free? That way you can be sure everybody will be able to afford the best that the health care industry has to offer!