These "Artists" Should Be Made to Pay For Damages

Nothing annoys me quite as much as seeing graffiti sprayed all over buildings, mail boxes dumsters, walls, etc.....  In my opinion this is vandalism.  I am open to many different kinds of art, but when the canvas for that art is not the artists' property then they should be made to incur the costs for removal.
Francescanolonger Francescanolonger
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7 Responses Feb 8, 2008

Were just trying to get noticed

I was just in Barcelona. It's the same there.

i couldnt agree more :) i was in spain and we were touring the old part of a beautiful town/city called toledo and there was graffiti all over the 500 year old houses. it was absolutely disgusting, and such a shame :(

Brilliant, baugh! Hats off to intelligent retort!

LOL, baugh!

They're like animals ******* and marking their territory. It's ugly and a pain to remove. I do confess however to once altering a "10th ave Crip" tag to read "10th ave Cripples"

I also don't think they'd like their car "tagged" like they tag newspaper boxes, dumpsters, etc. All these things belong to someone.