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Guns In America

frm what i understand about guns and america is that nearly everyone has access to them they do not have stringent requirements like they do in the uk and even in the uk we have had increasing crime using guns they are scary things and in a maniacs hands lethal as any would be suicide bomber the massacres at colleges and schools will keep on happening if gun laws are not tightened up considerably
claracluck claracluck 41-45, F 3 Responses Feb 25, 2008

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It's now 2013. We've had a massacre in newtown...some 20 children were shot dead by a mentally ill youn man. Instead of addresssing the mental illness problem, we're addressing the gun laws. The mentally ill man didn't use his own guns...techincally they were rifles...he used his mother's...still...I'm mentally ill and after 20 years of psychothropic medications, I stopped all meds BECAUSE THEY DON'T WORK! I read the anonymous blog "I'm adam lanza's mother" written by the mother of a 13 year old mentally ill boy. He has 4 or 5 different diagnosis..they don;t even know WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM! He's been hospitalized and medicated. He threatened his mother with a knife...his mother KNOWS that he's a bomb ready to go off. Why don't we know? I'm european living in the states. Europe, as a much older country, has a very different view on guns. We don't see owning a gun as a symbol of our patriotism...some countries have strict laws AGAINST guns - UK, australia, japan - and even with no guns, gun violence still exists...I liveinnew york city...we're not like texas...we don't need guns so much...

Sorry, clara, I strongly disagree with you. I live in one of those college towns you referred to. They have a "gun safe" halo, here. It did no good. 2)Check the crime rate in Washington D.C. where weapons bans did no good. 3)Hate to tell you this, after we fought the UK many years ago, we made our own Constitution. The men who wrote it thought so much of the right to bear arms, that they made it #2 on the Bill of Rights. Sorry to be snippy, but my rights ARE my rights.

its really hard when you feel suicidal but thats when you need to reach out even if you dont want to or feel able to every life is precious dont let them take away yours