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I would like to explore some silliness that both sides of the political spectrum have fell for. No, not the Politicians, they are smarter than that, but the people. Lets talk about School house slaughters and such.

Ok, you could take an absolute point of life being priceless, but we let people freeze to death, or starve to death or die because of not being able to afford simple medical treatment every day, every day. How about all the people who's insurance has run out, or drug addicts. We spend tons of money for a part of the government that specializes in killing people, and they are the best in the world! Oh, I guess only American life is priceless, never mind the service then. Absolutely priceless gets pretty relative if you ask me. So lets just say American life is very important. The infinity concept is untrue and makes it hard to make a point.


If you take Sandy hook and the Batman movie dude and added all there victims together, and assumed that everyone that either killed or wounded was killed you would have about 120 people, lets double it to 240, and double it again plus twenty more. 500 dead. 500 dead is a very very small figure, we have over 300 million people. People don't get large numbers well. So lets put it in perspective.


There are 16 of the smallest drops in one cc. 300 million drops equal 18,750,000 cc, that's just about 5000 gallons. The average person uses 50 or so gallons a day, so that is imagine every load of laundry flush hand washing, drinking (if you drink a soda or beer it is mostly water), cooking, dish washing, water using of any kind for a hundred days and add one drop (remember we doubled it twice and added 20 to make the first drop). Another way take that same number 500 (that is actually almost 5 times larger) call if 500 grams equals about 1 lb (1.102) 300 million grams equals a little over 661,000 lbs or about the difference in weight between a beer and a 146 and a half 2013 Dodge Grand Caravans. I'm not saying that every life (or wound) wasn't a tragic loss or that we don't have the worse gun violence of any of the developed nations. I just feel the numbers are needed for good judgment


Between Sandy hook and the Aurora theater there was 40 total That is less than half (87) of gun deaths that happen everyday.  Gee, how about the 1600+ cardiovascular deaths per day. There certainly isn't the 40 times more coverage for cardiovascular go to to get an accurate idea of causes of death.  For the amount of gun deaths, put on CNN and Piers Morgan will say it every few minutes


All these idea from both side of the isle aren't based on reality, they are based on your reaction, they are using these recent killing to change things how each party wants them changed. A bunch of people getting shot in a theater is tragic enough, throw in a group of kids, it is hard not to want to do something about it.  One big trick about making livestock go where you want them to is to make it so THEY think that's the best place to go.


Gun laws as they are being suggested may cut down the number in some distant massacres, guards in schools have proved not very effective, neither one, even if they worked absolutely would have more than a microscopic effect on gun deaths and even less on the total pile of yearly dead people.


I am not against microscopic fixes as long as they come with microscopic costs. There are about 100,000 public schools and about one gun per person, with 40% never even registered. do some math and you will soon see the huge costs.  I have an idea or two that may be worth looking at


Violent Video has been blamed, I say that video games are part of the problem, but not because some of them are violent. It's because they along with all our other gadgets are taking the time away from human interaction Family, friends, strangers. It's OK to walk through a store and ignore everybody and yak on the cell or text. This human interaction, well, it humanizes us!. We see others as more than the person in our way, they become one of us, we of them. People hide in there machines and it plain old devalues everyone around them.


Wacko parents teaching children horrible ideas about other people, to many people teach their children prejudice or extreme competition or pass other irrational fears. Parents, if you do wake up, go back and convince your children about the new truth, not just onece, you need to do that more than times than you taught them wrong, you owe it to them and the world.


We can't fix everything with money, we are far from rich anymore, we have to fix it with the goodness of our being.  Go out there and start being a human.  You got any left?

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Prevention is better the cure and much cheaper too.
If you have children – why then have guns they can get at?

You make so many good points – you would make a good sounding politician.