In Toronto a rather nice couple was buried today. In the presence of their children and their grandchildren, hundreds of mourners, oh and television news trucks - they were eulogized, placed in two hearses and driven to the cemetery where the graves had been opened and the caskets were lowered into the ground. The family and friends shoveled the dirt on to the coffins to cover them.

What happened? You see that Canadian couple traveled to their winter home in Florida - in a gated community - and something went wrong because when neighbors entered their home they found the two of them dead on the floor - murdered last week. We don't know who did it, we don't know why? We know they were murdered, we know they are dead and now we know where they are buried.

The autopsy reports will say how they were killed, what bullet caliber killed them, from how close, when they died how they died. The police might catch who did it, they likely are reviewing security footage of the cameras and more - but these two people are dead and before their time.

This is not a mass massacre at a school, political rally, a school - it is a murder in their own home and it happened in the USA in the State of Florida.

Canadians - 500,000 of them who go there for the winters are freaking out, because it could have been them who got shovels of dirt put over their coffins today.

These things just do not happen in Canada but they sure do in the USA. Why? Because guns and ammunition is just too easy to come by in the USA. Try - just try to bring a gun into Canada, let alone buy one here - a hand gun? Forget it. Ammunition - you need a permit to buy it. A concealed carry permit? You have to be joking - no one gets one of those. Try discharging a fire arm in a city - you do and you go to jail - not legal in any city in Canada. There is not one shooting range in the city of Toronto - you have to go out of the city to get to a range and there are rules about transporting firearms and rules and laws about storing firearms. Break them - you go to jail. For a long time.

It is harder to get a drivers license in Florida than it is to buy a gun and ammunition.

Use a gun in a crime - go to prison for life - mandatory life sentences no parole and at hard labor. Have a gun without a permit - any kind of a gun without a permit - go to jail for ten years. Ammunition - show your permit - no on line sales and ten bullets per sale - one sale per month. No guns with more than three bullets in a magazine in private hands. Personally I would make it one bullet - like the muskets that were in place in 1776. You want to follow your constitution - get a musket - no 15 shot repeating rifles or semi automatic weapons with clips in them.

Now what do you have to say to the children, the grandchildren, the rest of the family and the friends of this couple who did nothing wrong except go into their home - in the gun crazed insanity that is the USA?.  Sorry?  These people died for no good reason.   Your gun culture and gun laws need revision all right - major revisions.   Want to know how to behave - look north of your border, look at England - look anywhere else because you have got it wrong.  So wrong and that is why these two people are dead in coffins in their graves instead of enjoying the Florida sun. in their home.  

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Have the courage - you and your leaders to finally curb this scourge on your country.
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Well said....I hope you don't get comments from the ranting fascist gun apologists out here in EP land. Most people outside of America can see sense on this issue, it's a real shame the NRA and their ilk have so much influence on politics and big business.

Thank you. Words and how they are used matter. The fellows in the NRA who think that the answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun are self serving idiots. The answer is the same answer the world has - laws that work and restrictions on availability and use that make sense and are onerous if broken. Use a gun of any type in a crime go directly to jail no parole no deals in the box. Doing this requires leadership and courage - do you have leaders wtih courage? How many people have to die? These people were not citizens of the USA - they were retired grandparents, one a former eductor of children. Everyone was standing around the funeral home and the demetary today wondering why? A car accident, a plaine tragedy - well this stuff happens but here - we are talking about something that did not need to happen - it was will - the evil will of a criminal and the weak will of the people and government of the USA and a culture of gun craziness gone mad.