Guys Do Not Like My Personality

I am shy with men. I have been that way since I was a little girl, mainly because I do not have any brothers. I get scared and intimidated by them. My cousin brother used to call me foolish and dumb all the time, too. This has all led me to be afraid and insecure around guys. Also, if a guy approaches me to talk, I get this feeling that he is hitting on me. So, I avoid him or be rude to him to make him not like me in a romantic way and stay away from me, which often gives a false wrong impression that I am rude and unfriendly. But I am not. I am just behaving that way because of the fear that I have. I may get friendly later on, but what's the use then?? I am really sad since I do not have any guy friends and they do not really like me.
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Hey Summerwind18 and luna95, thank you for your valuable responses. I'm sure they will help me. I would like to share something with you both. I joined the EP community yesterday and the very first day, I read some tips on how to be more confident with men and in general, too. They said 'smile and say Hi to people, even strangers and start small talks and that would help with social phobia. I tried that today and felt so great and happy all the time. Thank you, to you both, for your comments.

I am trying to think of a solution or some sort of advice to help you. For me, it is easier to be friends with males than females and I don't know why. When I was a little kid I was outgoing towards everyone but now I am very cautious and not usually outgoing. I have mostly females in my family. My immediate family lost 2 of its 3 males and me and my sisters' husbands and our uncle are the only males. There aren't a lot of children either. I have no brothers. But I still played with boys as a kid once in awhile if they were nice.<br />
here is my advice: start by getting to know unintimidating males--like older ones, younger ones, or ones related to you or your friends, who are good people. <br />
If a guy hits on you laugh it off but don't be icy. You know, all people appreciate friendliness.<br />
I tried to help, I don't know if I have.<br />
But I hope you will make progress in feeling comfortable around men and getting to know them as people.