Written To Me, A Love Now Gone....

Our Love

Some love is weak
Some love is strong
Some love can only
Be sung in song
Our love is strong,
True, and bold
It will stand through time
‘till time is old
Words cannot
Describe our love
It’s like trying to count
The stars above
I’d never thought
Love could hold
A magic that
Could not be told
A connection so deep
It shakes the ground
Made in an instant
Without a sound
Time and our love
Were created together
To span the ages
And last forever

The moon she glows
Dim tonight
The stars they blink
Out of sight
Cause a love which
Was meant to be
Got washed away
Into the sea
In the sea
It sank away
Into the darkness
‘till the end of days
If a once-in-a-lifetime
Comes to pass
And you let it slip
Through your grasp
You will never know
What could become
Of a love so hot
It burns the sun

March 22, 2005
IvoryTapestry IvoryTapestry
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 15, 2011

Men who write poetry are sexy<br />
because they have a way<br />
to put pen to paper and shape their words<br />
So that ideas come out and play<br />
<br />
Some may write from the heart<br />
others from their head<br />
If men who write poems are sexy<br />
They'd have beautiful girls in their bed<br />
<br />
But it takes more than pen and paper<br />
and cleverly written sc<x>ripts<br />
He must serenade his lover<br />
with words uttered from his lips.<br />
<br />
Then he'll die upon her lap,<br />
two breathless souls entwined<br />
drunk from written and spoken words<br />
drunk from poetic wine.

nicely worded.....