Anyone Remember: June Friday 25, 2010? G8 / G20 Summit Conference In Toronto, Ontario, Canada And ...

Anyone Remember: June Friday 25, 2010? G8 / G20 Summit Conference in TORONTO, Ontario, CANADA And ... The Day Before there was this 5.0 Earthquake in the same place.

I was on here on EP at the time. I noticed hearing this in the News on June Thursday 24, 2010 that Ontario, CANADA, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana,  Illinois and Wisconsin all got rattled by this Earthquake. Then on the following Day I was hearing President Obama was going to this G8 / G20 Summit Conference in TORONTO, Ontario, CANADA, in which was just about the Epic Center of this Earthquake.

I made a Blog about it, but I sometimes in-spite of believing in Conspiracies, that our Mayan ET's may know about our world in such predicaments as we approach 12/21/2012. (To me this may hopefully be the End of Evil and the Beginning of Goodness for the World. It's a Recycling Mark, not the complete End of the World, as it is made out to be, but still has implications otherwise.).

My Blog was Posted: June Sunday 27, 2010. The Title of it: "Unemployment, 6/23/2010 Ontario Earthquake & Sarah Palin 2012?"

Besides I will Post it here:

("This being JUNE SUNDAY  27, 2010 and is:  898 Days away from 12/12/2012 (Precedes 12/21/2012).

I was just getting this thought that it didn't seem to me anymore like a Coincidence that Ontario had a 5.0 Moderate Earthquake on Wednesday June 23, 2010 at Noon Time and the Center of it would had been TORONTO, Ontario, CANADA. I heard this on Thursday June 24, 2010. But I didn't even know there was this G8 / G20 Summit Conference in TORONTO, Ontario, CANADA until the following Day: June Friday 25, 2010. I am finding this Odd and Something Else Behaving on this Earth like I have been thinking. Then I have been feeling intuitive that 2012 was an ET Mayan Calendar and it really means something for us.

Plus of the Fact that there is this Republican Obduracy about Being so Right in its own Wrongs. They are making Unemployment and that means more Trouble. Don't think that the Unemployed is going to keep life going Rosy by 2012 ... By December 12, 2012? And for the Obdurate Obsession of the GOP and Republicans trying to get Sarah Palin to Run for Election in 2012?  It all doesn't look good. And of course some also know that the Sun is predicted to be more active at that time also.  But if its more than the Sun going to have Solar Flare Ups by 2012 of December. Then What else is all these other things? And there seems to be.")

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some evidence published that shows the sensors seeing the ionospheric heating that was used to trigger the japanese disaster.

It was probably a warning shot, just to remind the G20 members who is still in charge.