Benjamin Fulford

I wonder who threaten this guy? He has been very vocal about HAARP but now he makes this strange video. He doesn't normally make videos like this. 
I wonder who made him do this?


I think he has a point about the fear of radiation. Check this video out. I don't know if this is for real but its interesting.


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i didnt see this but ill try to see it when i open with my laptap...

No,you won't be able to see it. His account has be closed by YouTube. YouTube has hackers, probably gov supported that have been going around hacking into people's accounts ("Truther channels") and uploading videos that will get their account terminated.

Unfortunately the video has been pulled. The nuclear map is mind boggling indeed.

People follow their own rules, and benjamin fulford certainly makes his own unique rules. <br />
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These high officials could easilly make him the next murder victim. Who's stupid enough to spill the beans on a murderer who has already gotten away with it and has no qualms about doing it again?

yeah i have heard others being suspicious of benjamin. His site is a subsc<x>ription site, I definatley don't like that as a sign. Evidence he has that puts his life at risk means he can't produce it, or they'll kill him. He's smart enough to keep a lot of their sensitive secrets.<br />
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some evidence published that shows the sensors seeing the ionospheric heating that was used to trigger the japanese disaster.