Censorship As Retribution

Just when you think its over...it starts again!

Posted by conceptualchagrin on May 17th, 2012 at 10:39PM:

"The feminists have not only aggressively spammed this story with filibustering, so that it will take some time to go through everything, given the fact that I cannot make EP my whole life. They have also aggressively voted each other up (note 10 likes for Lilt and large numbers of likes in the other first column feminist comments), and they have deleted three comments by men by gang-disliking or "flagged by the community as unhelpful.". I don't object, of course, to people voting up what they like; I note it because it demonstrates who we are dealing with here.

It is very offensive to me that hostile visitors should come to my story and delete comments by my allies. Therefore I serve notice that every time the feminists delete a man's comment by gang-disliking or "flagging as unhelpful," I will exercise my prerogative as author to administer punishment by deleting the comment and / or subthread from which the man's comment has been deleted. And I will also delete all comments bitching about what I'm doing. If you want to play hardball, hardball is what you will get.

The credibility of one of the pastes I deleted was well demonstrated by its assertion that "Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women—more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined." By a liberal estimate, 2% of injury-related ER visits by women are caused by domestic violence. http://www.fatherhoodcoalition.org/cpf/newreadings/2003/MC_dv_month.htm Although I can't find it again right now, I read somewhere that a larger proportion of such injuries to women were caused by animals. This demonstrates what many of us know--there is nothing in the world more unreliable than statistics peddled by feminists. And I will delete any reposting of that lie."

I find it very distasteful when someone who claims to be against censorship makes statements as were made above. Playing hardball? Really? I call it justifying censorship. I also am pointing out that "flagging" isn't the only malicious form in which censorship is allowed on E.P.

I believe in calling a spade a spade... so let me say, concept you don't care about flagging or vote downs or any other forms of censorship what you care about is pretending to be a victim of a feminist conspriracy (that only you and very few others even believes exists) and not HAVING YOUR VIEWS AND YOUR WORDS censored.

This selective idealology has no place in America and I hope one day it will have no place on E.P.

Retributive censorship is the most disgusting, vile, ignorant petty, disgraceful, opprobrious, truculent, ignoble and contemptible behavior and it says volumes about the worth and character of those who participate in and promote it.

While it would be easy to simply return the "favor" on those lowly few that actively engage in censorship, by deleting their comments...I believe that the best way to avoid censorship, especially retributive censorship and its practioners is to simply ignore them, don't vote or comment on their stories, instead create a new story under your authorship to respond to the content of their posts... this way a fair view is presented, rebuttal is allowed and the power hungry meglomaniacs who serve no purpose but their own have no censorship control!

Noone on E.P. is trying to impede legislation by irregular or obstructive tactics, especially by making long speeches.
I know you think quite highly of yourself, however I must remind you that you are not a legislator (thank goodness), so stop misusing the term filibustering in some attempt to dramatize the situation.


Con ."By a liberal estimate, 2% of injury-related ER visits by women are caused by domestic violence. http://www.fatherhoodcoalition.org/cpf/newreadings/2003/MC_dv_month.htm"

Me :
Do you have such a weak soapbox that you need to assert the completely fictious claim that the Fatherhood Coalition is a acceptable source to get "liberal" estimates? Shameful.

In addition do you think that this study which only addresses E.R. visits in anyway refutes the claim of domestic violence being a leading cause of injury to women? Are you that obtuse? Most injuries do not warrant a trip to the emergency room. Noone claimed that when women are injured in D.V. situations that they always or even usually go to the hospital or the Emergency Room in hospitals.

Con: " This demonstrates what many of us know--there is nothing in the world more unreliable than statistics peddled by feminists. And I will delete any reposting of that lie."

Me: dare I say that your claim demonstrates what many of us know-- there is nothing in the world more unreliable than "statistics" peddled by the obtuse misogynists and their cronies... and that they delete statistics so they may promote their lie!

I only note the above "because it demonstrates who we are dealing with here" !

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Sounds like someone is projecting. When I read about someone accusing people of doing something that they probably aren't doing, I realize that they think others are doing it because they are probably doing it themselves. Some people will always feel that others should do what they say, and not what they do.

conceptualchagrin lol<br />
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i think it;s the pot calling the kettle black. he complains that feminists vote down comments yet everyone knows that the MRAssholes have done that very thing to any woman they deem to be a feminists. i guess it's easier to believe that they are the victims of a hate pack rather than to consider that any ep member, male or female, might encounter their stories and simply not like or agree with their biased hate rants.

Indeed... when people get too wrapped up in being the victim they often fail to see or take any responsibilty for their own part in the situation.

As I said on his story, I believe I was one of the comments deemed unhelpful, and likely it was a unhelpful comment, some off hand comment about runner I'm sure... in response to him calling me a "lier" his spelling not mine... whatever!

It didn't make me cry or whine or vow revenge! It irritated me, but I knew I was at fault too...

I hope they figure out someday that punishing others and feigning victimhood at the same time comes off rather petty and hypocritical....more so it looks a bit like a bunch of cry baby bullies...ick!

Too many people here... especially women... are wearing clothes.<br />
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I am planning to lodge a formal complaint.<br />
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Can someone direct me to the complaint department?

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i bet green wont be included in that complaint....

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Well they should have had a urinal! Guess we know who wears the pants in that family! lol

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@jane... no doubt he is a victim of the sexist society which does not provide him with a urinal where ever he should roam.

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" I don't ob<x>ject, of course, to people voting up what they like". says Conceptualclarity.<br />
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Obviously you do. You deleted my comments.<br />
Get a grip, dude!

What he meant to say was "I don't object, of course, to people voting up what I like or what I say"...

Bravo!!! I concur Dente! You tell em sister!

I posted a better version of this elsewhere... maybe the party should gather there?<br />
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Okay... I feel a little better.

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