I Didn't Drive Anyone Off This Site!

It has come to my attention that there are some here who believe that myself and other "feminists" are responsible for driving a ep user off this site due to a flag pact.
I had absolutely nothing to do with that couple's decision to leave! I genuinely liked this couple in question. I enjoyed debating the husband and held the wife in high esteem. I felt affection for the wife and we were friends on ep. Though she lived a lifestyle I am personally uncomfortable with, I liked her and accepted her lifestyle has a choice that was her right to make!
I have NEVER flagged her or any of her stories, nor any of her comments and I never would. Say what you want about me, but I am a LOYAL friend and I would NEVER betray a trust EVER!
I was as shocked and surprised as everyone else when the wife's profile suddenly disappeared. She was a good and kind soul and I have not known her to be deliberately cruel to anyone, however she was outspoken and feisty and let you know if she disagreed with you! She never violated any TOS as far as I know and so it was surprising to several of us when her husband said ep had deleted her profile, several of us questioned him regarding this because it just made no sense. A couple of days later she was back and I was very happy to welcome her back, then suddenly poof she's gone again!

My understanding from chatting with her hubby was that he was concerned about all of the time she was spending on ep, he certainly made it well known that he was unhappy with all of her computer time....

I don't know what happened and I am very saddened that she is gone, I sincerely miss her. I just need to come out and say publicly that I had absolutely nothing to do with her account being deleted and the other "feminists" that are being accused as well, I can emphatically proclaim their innocence as well!
The accusations hurt. The accusations are unfounded and WRONG.
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Heaven? Couldn't they make a new profile...like it breaks the rules because im sure they didn't have as much prohibited content as many EPers...from what I've seen on here they don't take action on what should be innapropiate...and as for flaggers...the members of domestic discipline/submissive housewife/I spank my wife and all those groups flagged my post and it got deleted. Because kgoldielocks cried about it...but I'm pretty sure they said many things about me. Look at the groups who say they don't like to be judged but they are the most close minded. Maybe I should just start flagging all them and make sure their pornographic pics are taken down...which I've already started! I cannot tell a lie! :) btw I luv u guys...

i would never think that you are that sort of person. people need to stop blaming others and take accountability for their own actions.

Awww thank you Jerrica

I'm glad this has come to light and is at least for most purposes settled. <br />
<br />
Bringing this out in the open has at least clarified the EP stance on banning!

people are so quick to blame others when someone gets removed instead of considering that it was something that the person themselves was doing wrong.

I would personally vouch for heaven as well. She is as kind and as honest as they come and I know she really, genuinely liked the lady who was banned.

i agree with gumshoejane.

i understand what your saying.... i too was acused of flagging a story recently....<br />
<br />
my views are often different compared to others .... <br />
<br />
so therefore people tend to think its me who flaged them ...<br />
<br />
im not aware of what couple you are speaking of though

oh are you talking about crime kitten? i think that is her name....

It seems as if the person who was driven off of EP was a really neat person. She seems to be a woman after my own heart! She is described as sweet, spunky and a great friend.<br />
<br />
I assume we can all agree that she is missed and that if she was banned by EP for any reason, that EP made a huge mistake and is a worse place for it.<br />
<br />
I hope we can have a open, honest and frank discussion about the issue.

We need some key ingredients here. To make it easy for those who are shopping, I shall list them individually:<br />
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Wait? What! Whaaaa! Greenbean is invited?

No. I'll pay him. He's the entertainment.

He isn't housetrained! He openly brags about that!

That's what the lawn sprinkler is for. Don't worry. I've thought of everything. Oh... high heels are optional... but appreciated.

If your inviting greenbean and insist on having swimming pools, I must request you add those pull-up swim diapers to the list.
And vodka, topshelf...no ciroc.


OK. Check out the update.

What? Only one monkey? Pure madness!


two monkeys will fight.

Yes two monkeys will fight but since you've already invited greenbeans we will already have to deal with this issue...

I'm most afraid of who will fling poop first, monkey or greenie?

I'm taking any and all bets regarding this, the house favorite is greenie 10 to 1...hahaha

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Oh snarky now the cats out of the bag.... maybe we can have a real discussion about it now!<br />
<br />
I would personally defend Jane and her loyalty as a friend, her integrity as a woman and her honest nature!

Thank you so much Dente!

I also would vouch for 777heaven, I've always "known" her to be honest and fair, and of course a LDS.

If these two women say they didn't do something I trust that they didn't do it!

So that leaves us with two questions...
1. What happened to this wonderful EP member who is no longer at EP and 2. Will greenbean actually wear his diapers!