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So running late this morning and had to come up w/ a quick fix for the hair. Why? Because women have hair issues! I don't leave the salon w/o dropping at least $100! Guys, $10 including tip. Oh and then there's that new product that you must have... last one of those was this mini bottle of something called "Silk". She had me rubbing it on my arms and all... and I bought the *#%*@ thing for $15!!! It's crazy... and my hair isn't straight so what do I do, straighten it. That takes forever! Of course today, being late, it's just natural. Didn't have time for the primping. Color, cut, wash, dry, straighten, curl... we've gone over the top w/ hair. No wonder my sister just shaved hers. hhhhmmmmm it's a thought! LOL
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1 Response Jul 16, 2007

Biosilk. Yep, my Sis gave me a small bottle of it. I use it more on my skin than my hair! Great moisturizer, and smells FANTASTIC!