And I'm Okay With That *giggles*

I've been a bit worried about the child support thing. He was told that he needs to pay the $520 and yet he told me the last letter he got was for $200 so that's what he sent. I really wasn't in a panic just yet but had hopes that someone would catch on and do something.... and they just did!

He just called all pissed and kinda confused as to why he got a letter saying he was behind and they would suspend his license if he didn't pay ASAP! He acts like he wasn't in that court room when they gave him the info. He got the same darn paper that I did and because he said he wasn't actively seeking employment they said we have to go back in May for a re-evaluation.

He's not happy with me and I don't really care! The whole bunch of them can sulk together while they figure out what to do!

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we have a savior who we can trust our cares upon, because he cares for us, and offers us much wisdom, and solutions, he wantsto come help you.

well he's a moron he was right there <br />
<br />
and if he's not looking for a job what does he want