Healthcare Should Be a Non-issue

 I think health care should be a right. Let's face it the health care causes many of the ills of our society.

I know many people who work 40 hours a week in a low paying job just to keep their insurance benefits for their family. Of course they work a second job to pay their bills and in the mean time, nobody is really raising their children.

I know people who hit their 40's or 50's, lose their jobs to younger people who will work for less, can't get hired because in the back of a potential employer's mind is the question...what will happen to my group insurance rate if I hire this old person and she get sick?

Government already pays for VA benefits, medicare, medicaid, states have programs for children. Really how much more would it cost to insure the folks in the middle?

Businesses that suffer a 15 to 20% jump in their premiums a year are forced to lay-off valuable employees to offset the hit. This leaves the rest of the workers having to work harder and wondering if they are going to go next year...nothing like stress to bring out the best in people.

A big issue for business is workman's comp. I have seen our local newscasts where people close their doors because the premiums are just way too much to pay.

The solution is for employers to be able to pay into the system whether an employee is full time or part time. You as an employee will pay your part. People who aren't working pay too. Breeders will be charged for their children half billed to mom, half billed to dad. If you can't afford it at the time relax...will run a tab for you...of course with interest, and if you happen to die, your heirs will have to wait until the tab is paid.

Malpractice suits would be nominal and if a doctor is that bad he would lose his license. I don't think the lawyers turned politicians would ever vote for this!

Doctors would still make good money, If we couldn't supply enough doctors, I guess we could recruit college students and give them free education, same for all the other professionals in health care.

Gee, let's see....children being nurtured by their parents, employers being able to hire more people, without prejudice, young adults getting an education and being able to spend their working lives helping others.

We as the recipients of this service would be required to submit those poop detector test and boob-o-grams and any other test that would PREVENT or nip a potential problem in the bud.

I know this will go over like a lead balloon with some people who define their worth by their ability to take care of themselves. I was one of them at one time too.

And Jesus will answer them, "Whatever you neglected to do unto one of these least of these, you neglected to do unto Me!"

pritchy pritchy
1 Response Feb 21, 2009

Health care should be a right. Health care should be a not for profit entity. As soon as you take the profitability out of it, it would not be cost prohibitive to the government to provide health care for all. I know, I know. Everyone is going to scream "Socialism." Bullshit! health care should be a basic right for every human being. Period!