Healthcare Should Be a Basic Human Right

No person should have to fear seeking healthcare because they cannot afford it. It is totally unconscionable that people put off seeking care, especially when doing so could cause things to be worse.

Healthcare should not be a "for profit" capitalistic enterprise. As soon as profit enters the equation human life suffers at the hands of greedy capitalists. The more greed comes in, the more expensive it gets.

I work in healthcare, I see the effects of these issues every day. Frankly, it's disgusting.

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6 Responses Feb 28, 2009

We should be so lucky! That's part of it too, the doctors compensation. My pay would be affected too but I'd take that gladly to see everyone have healthcare without the fear of going bankrupt or having to choose buying food or seeing the doctor, and we won't even get into buying medications with their bloated, inflated prices! It's disgusting.

With our system under government regulation, it is unreachable by special interest groups. Tommy Douglas's Medicare model is so solidly entrenched and bullet-proof, any government that has tried to alter it felt such a backlash, they all fell. Alberta is experimenting with two-tier healthcare, where you can jump the queue. But it's not official government policy, I don't think any government would survive long if they made it official policy. And our doctor's may not be the best compensated, but they are sticking around.

To hear all of our pundit detractors of "Socialized Medicine" say it, your system is the pits! It's not what I heard but That's what they say. They are scared of the lobbyists of the insurance and Medical fields.<br />
Someone sent us to this before <br /><br />
Then you'll see what we're up against here.

In Canada, we have universal health care, and I don't understand why it isn't in your Constitution as well. If I need it, it's there. I'm healthy, but my teeth are bad. For that, I need Blue Cross insurance, that's what ****** me off ... I have it, but I shouldn't have to ... doesn't our government, don't care where you live, at least owe us that much? ...

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