The Torture Of The Neck

It feels good but then you wake up the next morning and your like WTF HAPPENED TO MY NECK?! it looks like it got attacked by a gazillion chimpanzees.....
and covering it up with make up does not work. You have to use up the whole concealer bottle and that sh*t is expensive as f*uck! so you pay the price of walking around avoiding any close interaction with any people.

I guess you always have to a pay a price every time you want to have fun....
You want to drink? Your body tortures you in return by giving you an all day long hangover.
You want to eat chocolate all day long cuz its so good? your body hates you and becomes larger.
You want a social life? you get f*ucked in school.
You want to fall in love? you get f*ucked over again because people are always miserable.
You want a car? your pockets are forever empty.
You want to travel? you get some cancer on the way there cuz your obviously a terrorist. Then you cant get decent food and you have to pay for a simple blanket and pillow.

I think ill just abandon everything and become a nun so i can serve the Lord all day long. SOUNDS AWESOME! :D

As i read over what I just wrote, I think to myself... why do people even talk to me?
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easy solution to this .... next time you intend to have some fun with someone make sure their not hungry so that they dont try to bite your neck of...... and dont hand out with people who might be related to godzilla... :P

lol... im gonna tell you something funny right now. I did not even kiss this person. I refused to so they just simply destroyed my neck. it was wierd.

Really... wierd huh????..... but then you dont expect every guy to be as charming and cool like I am now do you?? ... :P

i want talk about you

The feeling is not mutual

can u add me

add you to what? my block list? sure!! anytime :)

add me in your friend list

I will when I'm 80

why in 80 not now

"“The keys to patience are acceptance and faith. Accept things as they are, and look realistically at the world around you."

i have not lots of patience ...

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Perhaps you can be a singing nun and do a sister act too....
A sore neck .. is a blooming pain no doubts. Eating chocolates is not going to help. Soak yourself in a about someone giving a neck massage?
Hope you feel better soon

you wouldn't need make up if i kissed you on the neck. :) but it'll feel just as good or even better :) LOL. just saying, all based on experiences. LOL

I cannot avoid talking to can I just pass by you?

hahaha!!! why do people even talk to you? interesting write!

i totally agree with the hangover and the chocolate thingy!!! dunno about the makeup tho! but darn i feel like having a Snickers!

You must be familiar with the dreaded Hickey Chimp!