My Life Is Not A Fictional Story, It Is Just Me Part 6

So, my freshman year started in high school and i was hanging out with the local bad girls because no one would talk to me. Patty and Donna had siblings that were friends with my sisters so i was glad to have them in one of my classes. Both of my sisters told me i wouldn't like them. They were popularity hounds and sophomoric little Biches. Well my sisters were right. The second day neither of them would speak to me because of the rumors from the previous years. i was very disappointed after that and just gave up.
my so called friends Aimee one of the most dark depressing ugly mean spirited people i have ever met...and Donna (also containing the same lovely attributes), who was a prostitute in middle school and did lots of drugs and drinking and smoking since the 5th grade were my new "best buds". oh, lucky me!...i matched Donna up with this guy Rob that wanted to go with me, but i knew he would be chased off so ...i matched him up with Donna. And i mean i met up with them and got them started talking and had them make plans then i went off on my merry way. She never spoke to me civilly after that. she was always jealous and didn't want me around. she always thought Rob was gonna run off with me or something stupid like that. i changed her entire life and she didn't even invite me to her wedding. if she had not been so evil and jealous, we could have stayed friends. Rob got her a job at his parents business. When he broke up with her, she met someone else there. they got married and she made sure that i couldn't get a job there because she lied to Rob's mom about me.
Aimee liked this guy Brian, but he wasn't interested in her no matter what i did to match them up so i gave up.I was never happy when i was around them anyway. they were so boring and talking trash about everyone. everything had to be about boys. They were never nice to me and i should have just been alone.
I was a very pretty girl and learned the correct way to wear my hair and apply my makeup and all they did was make fun of it, just like Usha Jill and Kim. I ended up being alone most of the time. or of all things...hanging out with my sisters and their friends, but their friends liked me better and the guys they were interested in always like me so that never worked out well.
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I can't get it. You were nice to them but they acted like you stabbed them in the backs? Gad ,where do those jerk girls get off accusing you of wanting to steal their male friends away?That is so unfair and petty as well as mean. Do you know what,Joyba?High school really DOES Suck at times , No, not just sometimes; most of the time.


Could you sign this petition:

i wrote to the board of education and to all of my previous schools and the teachers i could find so they could know what happened to me. i will not sign a petition that requires my home address. i am in hiding thank you, and i do not want them to find me. they ruined my education. ruined my professional life my personal life...caused me to miscarry, murdered my dog and made me lose my home.

You know you can type "Unknown", or "Anonymous", or "Info not needed" into the box?


WWWHHATT? Someone did all that stuff to you , forcing you to go into hiding? Someone actually ruined your education,wrecked your professional job life as well as your personal life? Some lousy bastard murdered your dog?They did, the lousy bastards! Yes, i do believe you, Joyba, mainly because you have always told me the truth . That sounds like those people who hurt you are nothing but a bunch of low - life, hateful psychotic criminal Nazi bastards who really don't have right to breath the same air as us.

me too...but after what happened in hs...the mean kids followed me throughout my whole life....they lied about me in groups to my bosses my fiance's....i called the police but they are useless and made me feel worse about it..

God,Joyba my friend, that is so unfair, given that you have been nothing but nice to people around you. You are such a good person and deserved much better treatment then you got. I am so sorry that such bad stuff happened to such a nice,kind person as yourself.

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