How Can You Talk About Carbon Emissions When You Smoke?

I find it really hard to take the hypocrisy of hippies. Now, I might be confusing hippies with environmental/animal activists. So I'll make this my disclaimer: if you are a hippy person who smells nice and just minds your own business in a free loving holistic kind of way, but you still make sure any of your potential offspring are well cared for, clean, fed and given sufficient medical care, and love, then you may tune out as this rant is not aimed at you.

Basically, most of the hippies I've come across are all trying to fight global warming. This is a problem caused by greenhouse gasses in the air. Most commonly, these greenhouse gasses are released by burning stuff. Most of the hippies I know smoke. So every day, the're going around making the world and the atmosphere one little bit worse, consistently.

Ergo the hypocrite stuff.

Secondly, hippies are elitist. Because, they rank each other on how hippy they are. It seems to be a measuring competition and the most active person gets to be the leader.

Ergo elitist.

Prove me wrong, rail against my annecdotal assertions... I dare you.


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5 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Elfin, I appreciate that you kept your post brief. Steve, you have a good point, but its irrelevant to my rant. Cyanide, if you want to talk about a different problem I'd love to read your story on it. <br />
And Real woman, yes I know these people are posers, and I made a point of noting that my account is purely anecdotal.<br />
Still, I am going to go around, and point out how people who are saying 'make a little difference every day' and save the planet and respect the earth are smoking all kinds of **** and making the atmosphere crap, and then being all high and mighty about it.

The people you have the problem with are posers, not hippies, darls. Posers are rampant in every subculture, I don't fancy them either. But your logic is kind of off. It is actually agriculture, energy, and transportation responsible for greenhouse. Tobacco does take up land and can be conducive to slave labour, so that is a point.<br />
Peace and love, sister.

Peace and love.

Peace dude. The production of methane by ruminant animals is supposedly responsible for about 50% of the greenhouse gases. It those ******* hippies cows doing all that grass....we should eat them.

You are so far wrong on every account it isn't even funny