I had a classmate who is a homophobes. She had a gal who was interested in her because she is hot. She was like so disgusted. Of course her husband said if he can watch. She was like yuck.  If some woman think I'm  attractive. I will take as a compliment. I don't get me wrong. Maybe I will make out with her. Who knows. winks...

I'm not homophobes. I treat them with respect and dignity. They are good people too..

The title explain it all too.

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I really don't care what peoples orientation is . I'll respect their right to be gay. Of course they have to respect my right to be strait the thought of sex with a man is as sickening as that two girls one cup video. So basically hold hands, kiss, get married or what ever you want. If your attracted to me fine, just keep it to your self and we'll get along just fine push it and you'll have trouble like you never imagined simple as that.


That picture at the beginning of the thread is a perfect example of why individuals look down on homosexuality. They don't see it as love or art but lust and decadence. Their is a haze and underlying mantra that homosexuals are self-indulgent and arrogant individuals and if you can break that then you can start to put an end to homophobia.

Thank you for you advice.

Sorry abigguy4u.. A predator is not a good experience.

Wish I could 100% agree but due to a bad experience i will say yeah I am a bit of a homophobe.<br />
I have several good friends who are male and gay. They are no different than you and I,and We do lots of stuff together. But my one bad experience was with a preditor back in college. Not fun!

You are right..

Two womwn,two men,two adults(1 male,1 female) what does it matter if they are happy as couple!

You are welcome... Seriously if I'm in the mood..

Well.. What? Are you picturing two women making out? giggles. No worries. I think I can be a little piggy sometimes. winks.