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Let's take this horse, whip him to make him run fast in numerous races, and then when he's worn out and damaged from being pushed too hard, we'll put him down and send him to the glue factory.


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Just thought I would add, a racing whip weighs about 0.5 of an ounce and has a cushioned end. It's the noise of the "crack" that spurs the horse on, not the pain of the stroke, as it wouldn't have much effect on half a ton of horse. Horses are prey animals and naturally live on their nerves (most racehorses are highly strung) and have a natural flight response which is exactly what the jockey is trying to induce with his urgings. Horses are also "herd" animals so they love running around in groups on the racecourse. Only a small proportion are actually wanting to win, and in the wild they would be the natural herd leaders.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge regarding this issue. However, I still am against the exploitation of living creatures for human entertainment.

Completely agree with Welcome2MyNightmare. People need to get their facts right. There are too many generalisations here. That comment about a horse carrying 5 times it's weight is just stupid - 0.5 tons of horse times 5 equals 2.5 tons (for 2 people??). I heard of two-ton Tessie, the circus entertainer, but I didn't think the name was meant to be taken literally.

Not to mention the fear they must feel before a race starts, all those ppl shouting all that anxiety, as someone who has ridden a horse most of my life, I can tell u now they are animals that do know fear, but are also capable of showing love and affection, being at one with ur horse is a superb feeling and having total trust in that animal and the animal having the same trust back for u is a wonderful thing, and to race them is just cruel, all for ppl's amusement and money...sigh..

yeah, why would animals have to suffer for human satisfaction? it really ****** me off whenever i see those kinds of things. like making a very old aged horse carry 5 times its weight plus a fat woman just to show off in a parade.

^ Yeah, I've heard of those and despise that as well. I don't understand the need to make animals fight. It's just cruelty.

ever heard of a **** (rooster) fighting?<br />
<br />
its like sumo wresting but instead of two fat guys fighting each other off, they would substitute them for roosters with a small blade on their right leg. and then they would train those roosters to kill in that event. <br />
<br />
and the people there BETS who will be victorious and takes all the money.

the keeping of any animal,for whatever reason,is a form of abuse imo.

^ I loathe rodeos as well.

yes and dont get me started on rodeos ther just as bad,let tie a rope around his thing to make him buck and try to ride him

People say 'They're just animals,' as if they are disposable. It makes me sick.