Don't Ask How I Am.

Don't ask me how I am. It's none of your business.

ViennaRose200 ViennaRose200
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5 Responses Feb 24, 2010

There are times I don't want to answer to nobody and get the Question ask. I'll try to reply "It's So So! kinda fine" It's after that, that someone will get annoying me, when someone then ask: "What's that suppose to mean?" "Cat get your tongue or something?" When they don't accept no big or expected answer and don't accept my time of not wanting to answer. Then I get Annoyed. There is times of not wanting to answer to nobody, but suppositly the first question should be accepted if someone is going to give anyone some attention at least.

i'll be sure not to ask... or attempt to talk to you for that matter, for fear of offending you. on the other hand, without using that phrase, how do you start a conversation with someone?

Yeah! (laughing) imagine if you started reeling out every emotion of how you actually were feeling!! Lol...they probably wouldnt ask again!!

I don't think it's a reason to be offended is someone asks. But, I do agree that most people ask it and are not really expecting an answer ... mostly if you really told them how you are they'd be surprised and probably bored half way through the reply!!

It is a poilte thing to say, really most people don't care. They just want to tell you how they are. Honestly, no one said you had to answer or be truthful, even on my most ****** day when a customer asks me how I am I say great.