A Little Love Goes A Long Way

So I gave up TV...didn't even buy the attachment to make my old tv still access the shows...but just recently I found Hulu.com, an internet site where we can access tv shows and movies....I think I'm hooked....documentaries, "Two and a Half Men" and a new show where the CEO of a company goes undercover and works some menial jobs in his own company.

I watched the CEO of 7/11 as he made coffee, helped deliver goods and even worked on a bakery line....good, good stuff. What amazed me was how the store with the highest consumption of coffee was staffed by a feisty, upbeat...perhaps even verging on senior citizen staus, woman...she knew everyone, had a hearty comment for all and just generally kicked butt.. The CEO determined that she was the reason that store was number one in coffee sales...folks came in to see and banter with her.

And she is waiting for a kidney transplant and has dialysis several times a week!

Kind of stunned me and made me think...my favorite place to go is an internet cafe in town. I spend many many hours there every week. There are many other places to go for coffee...for wifi access...for baked goods...but I always go to my internet cafe. I love it!

But I think folks come here for the camraderie and the warmth...it's.so relaxed...as a regular I walk in...a few nod at me...sometimes there's conversation...other times just companionable silence. Everyone is welcome....from real estate folks to antique dealers to local kids to college students to visiting tourists to the developmentally disbled folk who live down the street. ...we're all ages and all types of folks. We sink into the shabby sofas, surrounded by art deco lamps and mirrors and relax.

They have weekly open mikes with great blues, blugrass, rock...original music as well as well known songs...last Monday Leonard Cohen, John Prine songs and some of the best live blues I've heard...a sax, harmonica, mandolin, 2 guitars all jamming for the first time together. Dogs are welcome and I've seen them get a free doggy treat many times...and there's the resident cat.

All right so the place is great but I can't help believing it's the welcoming spirit...that keeps us coming back just like it's the coffee lady's personality that sells so much coffee at that 7/11.!  And you can't put that in a business plan!

And bravo to the CEO of 7/11...he setting up a way for his employee to find potential kidneys donors.

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It is Salar...it's always the people! Thanks. :)

thanks for sharing Frito , as ever its the people who make the difference ....

Thanks LV...it's always nice when you drop by! :)

It's really nice to see a work appreciated, thanks for the great post

Wow...I wonder if your bar is still open...sounds wonderful...and yes you nailed it. When. That's exactly the kind of feeling tone and spirit I'm talking about! I wish I was there for the Cat in the Hat rendition! :)

That happens so much here also Gryfnn but I never really ever thought about it. I'm sorry about your 2 favorite hangouts. Seven dollars is way too much but seven dollars for not even good iced coffee...yikes! In this economy it's tough for a restaurant to make it...we had a diner in town close recently...sad, they had old time photos on the wall from 70 years ago....:(

We have people come to our tiny town and open restaurants of different kinds....sadly none of them last very long.....I think it's because the people who have that welcoming charm---sell to folks who don't.....It happens often---a business will be thriving---the people who created it--sell it--then it turns into an empty place.....then it closes for a short or a long time....someone might try to make it live again--and they fail---it is all about the personalities of the people who run the business. We've had some restaurants that last for years and years--the owners - want to retire--so they sell...then it goes through that cycle of failure....I really miss my two favorite hangouts---the people retired and sold out---one of them is thriving--it's a really great mexican restaurant---but one only goes there occasionally...the other one---well it's getting more quiet---I stopped going there when my son and I stopped in for an ice coffee---they charged seven dollars for two not even good iced coffees.... Seven dollars.... I don't think they are going to succeed.

Hehe come on down....I think you'd love it!..Ya know a friend and I wanted to travel North a while back to a John Prine concert and I couldn't just because I haven't renewed my passport...bummer! :)

You describe that café of yours so well that I'm almost tempted to get my passport renewed just so I could go visit.(Both you and the café!!) :)

I'm pretty sure I can *see* you Paco. Thanks. :)

Thanks Frito, I am now wearing a warm smile. <br />
Paco35 :)