Humans Are Pathetic

I believe some humans are pathetic.  When they know a person likes something or believe in something, they will say the opposite or the reverse of what the person believes in or like, in order for the person to feel bad and start judging there own judgement and all.  WTF is this?  It did happen to me and thank goodness, I don't let that happen nor will I make someone tell me what and what not should I believe in or how should I see certain things.  Criticize yourself before doing it onto another.
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@ Nikki + @ SuPM : This afternoon I've browse on wikip. Now I'm less stupid, I know where Quesnel is, & which history is beside. Sure goldy side of North Am. But sure too cold for me - lol<br />
Here in Eur, Gold rush is still a dream for some people, think it must same in Am.<br />
Have a nice evening SuPM (here 5.50PM) Happy day for You and read You soon if You wish :)

Thanks Niki. <br />
<br />
Quesnel is a town. It's in British Columbia Canada. Quite a good little town.

@ Nikki : Thanks for info. I browse asap. :) :) :)

For Juliegirlie:<br />,_British_Columbia

@WTEVR : Thanks for compliment, so nice from You :)<br />
@ SM : nice comment :)

Ooooops, explain me what's Quesnel, please :)

You are welcome. <br />
<br />
It's true. I know you got trust issues with people. I have those too but I learned that I can trust people but just gotta watch out. Not get burn. I have friends I can trust. They are from school. So it's okay.

Thanks juliegirlie. I like your username by the way! :)<br />
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Thanks SM for the compliment. Your are a great person yourself. I would love visiting Quesnel one day, thank you! :)

Okay. I like you too. You are great person. You know what? We will have so much fun if we can meet in person. I can show you Quesnel. Very neat little town. A lot of people from Europe stayed in Quesnel.

Pathetic (gr: pathetikos) = Accessible (open to) to the outside impressions.<br />
The impressions can be good or bad.<br />
We shall thus open rather the door to the good impressions !<br />
As we open the door to the real friends :)

You aren't pathetic SM. I do like you. :)<br />
<br />
Good point, jimmy. :)

I openly criticize some beliefs, just like other people do criticize other beliefs. I will seldom attack a person because of his/her beliefs though, just like I won't feel attacked by hearing critical things about what I believe in.<br />
I also feel that when I attack certain beliefs -since it is directed at an institution- that people who happen to have the same beliefs shouldn't feel attacked personally.<br />
It's not because I don't like the General Motors Company that I don't like the people who drive their cars.... : )

I'm pathetic sometimes. Do you still like me?

Thanks for compliment. I've a plenty bag of philosophy to share; You're welcome :) :) :)

Lykewyse, and wyth no one who shows ynterest. Gets lonely, yes?

Thanks juliegirlie. Yes, many try making us believe certain things when it isn't the facts for they're own agenda. I like the Greek philosophy. Thanks for sharing.

We can only follow our own path.

Let me ask you: What yz a portrayt yf he's black and whyte? That's what relygyon does to mynds. All beyngs have theyr percepshun ov realyty-beyngs can only shyne through theyr own truth-seekyng and not through anothers eyes. We are separate for a reason, so that we can compare our vysyons/colours and that's the portrayt ov lyfe; that's why lyfe exysts... freedom's beyng taken away from us and people yntrynsycally wyll become meaner as a result. We can only stay confydent wythyn ourselves.. You can only gyve as much as a beyng yz capable ov acceptyng.

You'r right.<br />
Before had a look to other, fisrt thing to do it's to look inside us, to see if some 'devil' are'nt busy to pollute our mind.<br />
An old Greeks philosoph (Thales) said one day ' Gnothi seauton ' = known Yourself !<br />
People first began to criticism others before looking inside of her soul !<br />
All for now : comments invited :) :) :)

True. We crytycyze others before we ourselves. Thys causes judgements and ego-rubbyng. All systematycally enforced on us synce byrth (schools, relygyons, maynstream psychyatry, polytycs, 'roles' etc.). Thys yz why am happyer when alone or yn nature, or around those who are 'lyght' on soul. We can stare ynto many eyes and see the fear that clouds judgement, sharpened as sword agaynst arms that open. They wyll learn one day that true lonelyness comes from wythyn them and they wyll see-FEEL the effects yt has on those of us who are open to energyes. They wyll ask themselves when they feel the freedom styfylyng negatyvyty/judgements from theyr own kynd. We were never yntended to be zombyes but look at the world... Those who know are kept yn the dark and told we're 'syck' when 'tys exactly the opposyte........

Ancyent Hellenyc Greeks had a beautyful concept of Love (Eros and Aphrodite). Calls have been ygnored. Romance has begun to lose meanyng also and ZEX has become a taboo.

Hi ScotsQueen. Thanks for your understanding. Sometimes, it is best staying alone, it is best and safer.

Why do you think I stay by myself? I understand how you feel.