A Ramble On a Drunken Conversation I Had Lol


I had a good conversation with my best friend last night only to find out we have similar views on human nature and the way the world is.  That encouraged me to write about how most humans are selfish, what i mean is people want to aquire more 'stuff' money was created and now theres many rich people and even more poor, though we cannot share our wealth and even out the gap.  Its greed and i could say its instintual, animals want food and sex, humans took this instinct to a new level. 

My friend thinks the welfare system in england is unjust, some people sponge of the goverment and enjoy there life perhaps alot more than the working class who contribute every month to the system.

I debated "but what about people in africa, there mentallity is different if your car gets a puncher then the next driver we glady give you his spare and not expect anything in return, hes happy he could help and he thinks next time it could be me with the flat and a driver will help me."

answear "theres no welfare system so people help each other and expect to be helped in return, maybe not straight away help, but down the line when something bad happens."

But it goes deeper! I will probably loose some of you here and you will think im a raving lunatic.  Thats ok this is how i see the world, my perspective.

So just to clarify my friend was commenting that if african people were'nt expecting the same treatment in return they would not help in the first place.  When i qualify as a nurse and help people every day i will still be selfish because deep down in my heart i know the reason im motivated to do the job is the buzz i get from helping others. The 'buzz' not the fact im helping others, this will be my real motivation behind the work.

Humans are not perfect (well except for me of course!) we are all flawed and thats ok its all part of being human.  I do however beleive with raising awareness  especially the fact the world is a mess and part of the reason is you.. will make us realise if we get along a little better the world will get a little better.  Im talking about small baby steps here for a better future.


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I wonder if everything would still work if we had NO selfishness at all; if we were completely selfless. Would we still be able to function if we always thought of the other person? Maybe. Maybe then we would all look after each other :D Or maybe we would never reach our goals and aspirations - because having goals of our own is a selfish trait isn't it?<br />
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On the flip side, it can lead to the destruction of everything we love :/ - "i think this instinct has over lived its welcome we don't really benefit much as a whole." It's true; the greed and ignorance that can been seen every day is staggering.<br />
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"maybe we can use love as our motivation behind our actions" - I like that! This world could do with much more of it, that's for sure.<br />
And Buddhist philosophy rocks :)

oh yes, kind animals - good point!<br />
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I think becoming aware we are selfish and then work towards unlearning the belief of "i am important" would help. But im not entirely sure its possible to completely overcome selfishness and i think this instinct has over lived its welcome we don't really benefit much as a whole. Lol how can we when we're looking out for ourselves all the time and not the next man?<br />
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Though in my heart i believe its doable as when self is no longer the most important thing in a persons life then maybe we can use love as our motivation behind our actions, or something like that. :p<br />
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Bit buddhist i know.. but hey i love buddhist philosophy!

"i think being unselfish has to be taught, or reinforced." - so do you think that it is possible to be unselfish for the sake of being unselfish? I'm trying to think of non-reinforced altuistic behaviour. I can't think of an example involving a baby who hasn't really been taught anything yet. But you can see altruism in animals, such as when dolphins help humans in danger or when wolves etc look after a human child. This is disputable, I know, but if it is true, isn't this altruistic? Or maybe it doesn't count because they aren't human.<br />
I definitely think that there is the instinct of selfishness in all of us, but I'm wondering if it is just that: an instinct. Something that can be overcome and not just for our own benefit.

Some good points you've made here. I've had these thoughts too. So do you think that it's not possible for humans to ever be truly selfless?<br />
How about a person who gives their life for something? They won't live to reap any benefits.