I Think I Am A Gay!!

I am 20 years old from Burma where is between India and China. and I am look like a real man or hot man. but I think I am a gay. that'why I hate myself. I never have sex with men but I am attracted by men not women. some girls are follow after me but I don;t interest to them. and I am a christian and the bible does;t allowed homosexual . So, I control myself.. I am so tempted by hot men,, What should I do???
No one knows that I am a gay. Everyone thinks me that I am a normal guy.
Any Suggestion?? I really tire of that.
I hate in being gay. but I can not have relationship with girls....
What should I do????????????
Marioo3 Marioo3
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I really feel for ya. I live in the Deep South in the USA. It's a bad place to be different. I'm not gay. But I was molested and then some other stuff happened all before I was like 13. Now there are people spreading rumors about me and even saying stuff to my face like I'm into guys. People can be very bigotted and hateful here when they want to be. And the local cops and churches almost promote hating against gays. I'm not like that. I just want everybody to take care of themselves anyway they can without hurting eachother. I don''t care what they say about me aslong as it doesn't cause violence.
So be careful and stay safe. Rumor and stuff like that can be more hurtful than the truth even if there may be some truth in the rumor. And really know anybody you tell your secrets to because if they are not trustworth, they can use what they know against you. Don't hate, yourself or anybody else. It just promotes more hate and more hate. Forgive and forget. Live and let live. LOL. I know that it cheesey but it's true. Just be safe and hopefully happiness will follow.