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14 Year Old Nympho

ik most of you are gonna say ur only 14 ur a ***** an **** but no. i dont know what to do. ever since my first i cant get enough. iv even gone to meeting 19 year olds for it.! i love it i dont wanna stop but its gotten me in trouble more than once. what can i do? to at least control it.
Boobear2234 Boobear2234 13-15, F 39 Responses Sep 28, 2011

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When was your first? What was that like?

Message me

Sounds like you like sex.. be cautious

I like your style;) Add me plz.

There is nothing to control. Just enjoy it...

You can just be yourself, don't be shy and ask older men. Please, add me/message me so we could talk about that. Kisses.

You need an older man who can really satisfy you. Then, you'll stop being so horny all the time. At your age your body is raging with hormones. But, most young boys have no idea how to satisfy a girl. Many don't care either. Older men are experienced. They know what to do give you wild screaming *******. That's what you need to satisfy your teenage needs. Older men know that making a young girl lose her mind during sex is the best. Most young men only care about their own ******.

Friend me. I'll help you stop being so crazy.

It doesn't matter what bad things they say about you or what you're doing. It is not a thing to repulse or renounce, it can be a blessing if you learn to see it that way; you simply need more sex than most people, and I admire the fact you have the strength to put your feelings into words for everyone to read. Girls that feel the same way as you do just need buddies for sex, everyone who says it's wrong or calls you a **** is just jealous of you :p As long as you're careful, having a sex addiction can be wonderful for yourself and your partners.

it is normal to me :)

keep it up its good

Sex is a wonderful thing. Just be careful and don't let anyone degrade you. Also, try and keep your sex life compartmentalized. Too many people are repressed and will say nasty things

You guys that only want to hook up with her make me sick. She knows she has a problem - she is trying to be mature and come to terms with it - and all you wanna do is exploit her. "Add me" - "talk to me" - "I wanna know about your experiences" etc. shame on you. There are plenty of willing younger women (and 14 years old is not a woman - another reason to back off!) around for all of us that want one. Boobear2234 needs to be left alone.

buy a ***** or vibrator

I'd love to hear about your early sex experiences. How and when did you start? How did your experiences ignite the craving for more?

And it would be awesome if you could add me :) x

half of the people who ask me to add them i cant because of the age difference. it wont let me.

Dam ur gonna do some damage when you turn 18


From one nympho to another (I was just like you at 14 and still am) - I found that having a steady boyfriend helped a bit. I still went out and met older guys but far less.

I want a nympho. :(

if you like it do it

This probably isn't the best forum for a 14 year old to ask this kind of question. You should read the website "sex addicts anonymous" they might have a better answer for you than this website will. Good luck and be careful, you don't want to contract something that you can't get rid of.

ad me would love to share with you some of my experiences

honestly i suggest you talk to someone who went through the same thing. my gf started having sex at 12. you can ask her, not sure if she can help but maybe.

hey would lvoe to have you as a friend

Enjoy it. Just be safe.

If you are only 14 when did you start sex and with whom

it has nothing to do with age, its the desires your body has. I was the same way when i was 14 . I think you just need to find safe outlets like ************ or a vibrator. Or if you can find just one person that can be there to please you whenever you need it. Thats how i got by.

Enjoy your youth

...without being trite, sounds like you better get use to feeling that way ...nature I guess,,,TAN

add me hunny

I don't understand how you can post your sex stories ( being underage ) and we can't even see your profile.