Addiction Or Do I Just Not Care?

I don't know if anyone reads these, but it seems like a good place to get something off my chest. So here I go.. I have been pretty much a **** my entire life. I love sex, I love being engaged in illicit activity, especially when/where it is taboo. I have had sex in the workplace at many jobs with my bosses, coworkers, etc. I have had sex with my friends' boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, wives...
When I was 13, I wanted to be a **** star when I grew up just so I could get paid for having sex.
The worst thing is it isn't really a problem. I don't feel guilty afterwards, even though I am in a relationship. The only fear I have is hurting my significant others feelings...
I love younger men, married men, men who should not be fooling around with me, basically. I work out and am in great shape for a woman in my forties and sex is so easy to find. Lesbians see me as a challenge, because I have a man. Younger men see me as a woman who is experienced and fun.
Is this wrong? Should I care? Would there really be a point in seeking professional help?
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You **** whoever you damn well please. That said I'd make sure you find a partner who is cool with you having as much sex as you want with who you want. You'll be surprised how many people are cool with that, provided they get similar rights.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

no need of professional help. Just make sure you don't hurt your significant other. Talk to him and make him part of your wild sex drive. give him a camera to shoot for you. Make a team and enjoy together. And they say 40 is naughty. and you are proving it. keep enjoying be happy .

my goodness,..., what an adventure you would be!

and the damnedest thing is, now that I am single, I mostly "go solo" if you know what I mean

well I was not exactly a monk in my younger years, but then the world was a less dangerous for those who enjoyed the "simple pleasures" of life "back then". Solo is a good thing these days at least till you know their last name,..., grin.

no judement here if you are happy then its good for you enjoy vinny

Are you happy? If so, do what you do.