I Could Kill Someone

In a hundred years i never thought i could say something like that, but i know now, that if i were to run into my rapist, i believe pure adrenalin would kick him and i would really probably kick the sh*t out of him, til he was DEAD.

ALSO, IF anyone sexually abused one of my kids, once again i think pure adrenalin would kick in and i would kill them too. i am not proud of this fact, but i believe it to be a fact..

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5 Responses Jun 6, 2007

May I ask where this came from? What happened to bring this up in your mind...

I just think that would be a natural human reaction if someone hurt me or my family in such a way.....

I don't even have kids but I can understand your feelings. I would disrobe my mantle of humanity for a night and do unspeakable things to someone that hurt someone I loved that much. I can feel the hate starting to boil so that is the end of that.

I know where you're coming from, broadly speaking. Violence and murder is against some of my most treasured principles, but there are times when your sense of integrity, or your love for someone/thing just demands action. And well-directed violence can easily be lethal, regardless of conscious intent.

very understandable.