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that is anyone ever hurt my family or my friends in a terrible way I would really have no problems snuffing out there life in an equally terrible way. I would wait years if I had to exact my revenge and it would be the kind that you would not see coming. I would let you settle back into your safe personal life. Only problem is I would prolly feel bad ... what a ***** a conscious is. Its just that if anyone ever threatened me or my family/friends I would take care of the problem right then and there. I just hope I never have to come to something like this.
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Yeah, I'd probably fail the family! I'd either stand there and wet my pants, or blow my own foot off if I had a gun! I might could TALK 'EM TO DEATH, though! =}

Only problem with me and revenge is I cool down to fast so I talk a good fight :)

It sounds to me like you have a very strong love and sense of dedication for your family and friends. To develop this in life is a great thing, it will bring you closer to many people but to use it in a potentially harmful way may not be so healthy. In taking your revenge, you may lose the love of your family and friends.