Muwahahahahahahaha, As I Lower You Into This Pit of Snakes, I Will Explain My Wicked Motivations

Today I learnt that I have been eating crow. So I will say, sure, if put in that situation I could definitely end another life to prolong mine or someone I care about. This does not actively hurting people to extend life, but then I don’t want to eat crow about that either.

Not going to elaborate any further, I could kill someone…

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4 Responses Aug 18, 2007

I'd be interested in reading a story about that, let me know if you share one

The only reason my enemies still live is because if I kill them, I will go to jail. So instead, I make thier lives hell indirectly. Some of them have even offed themselves because of me.

I suppose the ones who fail don't really get a chance to tell their story

no need to elaborate, bro.<br />
<br />
anyone who says they've never wished death upon someone, or that they never wanted to throttle the living breath out of someone ... well i personally believe they're FULL OF IT!