Why Hello Lonesome Brick Wall =-)

Being alone seems to be such an awful place to be. But as the sayings go “it’s all in the eye of the beholder”. Some alone time is needed to figure out if your thoughts and ideas are really your own. A time to set aside and reflect on decisions made and plans yet to be done. You can have some time to take a moment to look at your self in a second person point of view and learn who you really are. But to be fully alone just starts to complicate madders and confuses or discourages ones self. You do not have a second opinion or a source where you can just vent concerns and get any type of response from. Therefore in order to stop these emotions from becoming redundant like depression you need someone to relate or hold a conversation with. So it’s not the idea of one being better off alone that sparks a positive assumption, but the fact that no matter what you do or how much time you spend by your self you will always have an erg to need someone to break the imbalance of piled emotions.

            I myself am alone more then most people due to the fact that I have a hard time relating to society and the common interests of my age group. I try to work around it by finding interests in researching material since when researching something requires you to seek out different sources “Most are way above my age group…” So in a sense I am alone within my age group because I don’t spend time doing what a normal teen-adult would do. But considering this I do not get discouraged because I know sooner or later with time things will eventually fall into there place. The people that know me will gain experience and wisdom throughout time and also take up there interests in life becoming more focused on a profitable and emotionally balanced future. So remember that things grow and change. You don’t think exactly the same way when you where five years old now do you? Well it’s the same with every ten to fifteen years as you grow older you become more knowledgeable about your self and learn more about how to manage emotions until being alone turns to a emotion of being at peace with your self because of your ability to understand what your emotions need. This is my resolve to the aching emotion that I felt when I was younger.

Orphic Orphic
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 6, 2008

It is very true that you change as you get older. I mean that in a positive way. Everything you go through makes you a stronger person and you generally become more comfortable with who you are.