Why Not?

I was dreaming that my wife and I were sucking a ****, sharing, and it was delightful! I enjoyed it,and she enjoyed it,and she ejoyed watching me. Is this normal? I get aroused evey time Im think about it!
coffee4U coffee4U
66-70, M
3 Responses May 20, 2012

I enjoy **********.

I think far more than you realize?

EVERY few days,without being asleep,I "dream" of this!..Learned to love it!... All I need is the wife to accept...(not gonna' happen) and to find a guy..probably not too difficult to find. What I need is a married couple to in vite me into their bed... probably going to be difficult to find a clean,sensual,discreet,accepting couple, huh? Nearby!

Mot near by But we travel to where you live frequently!