How Should I Live With My Bisexual Life And Christian Life When I Know Its Wrong!!!!!

i feel the same way.....i'm a Christian myself and i try to live a good life. But my feelin are kill me even right now they are.....and the bad thing about it too am a jamaican and if my family found out that am bisexual my life is finish...i will have no family sometime i'm thinkin to kill myself idk what to do.
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I dont think its a crime

He is accepting and he does understand remember M.Magdalene, remember who sacrificed his son for our sins, remember who went to calgary and then hell in our place? Besides, who is it that bestowed free will in the first place? And who is it that persecutes, terrorizes and will even murder those that try to exercise this free will? "God" is the answer to one of these questions but he isn't the answer to both of them. Our Lord will help us to overcome whatever we have to face, whatever individual/personal cross is ours to bear he can take it away. Remember that a "personal life" is a called a personal life for a reason - your private life is no ones business but your own. Our Father tells us that to 'lie' with someone of the same sex is sinful and to do this as with any other sin is to condemn our immortal soul to eternal suffering. Dont be fooled, our sexuality and the state of our soul amoung many things are individual and spritual burdens. Families are supposed to be a supportive, guiding, nurturing unit and it is actually a huge shame when they actually add to your pain instead. But it is man that rejects and betrays and refuses to show mercy not Jesus. Personally, I dont think you need to tell them anything because Jesus can completely take this burden from you and you wont have to hide in a closet because you'll have nothing to hide. Dont take your life, don't be bogged down by the situation, your worries and how you're being made to feel. In life this is when you cling to Jesus like he's a bit of driftwood in the middle of the ocean. Jesus went to Calvary for us all dont let Satan trick you out of your Salvation love. Hang On. Cling to Jesus. I've been through some terrible things every minute was literally a battle and all I had was Jesus, no one else was interested - but I'll tell you something the power of prayer is beyond amazing. Pray! And dont hold back with your requests either, ask him for his favour, ask him for the wisdom of King Solomon, ask him for his strength because yours is nowhere near enough. Hang on, you can never be alone because Jesus is here for you. And if you feel that you need a new family ask for that too. By the way, the holy spirit told me to tell you to wait on the Lord. Peace be yours my dear.I'm not bisexual but my family is Jamaican too =-)

I'm also bisexual and my parents are catholic so for me coming out it was very hard, however, if God as we've been told offers love for all and is accepting of us, surely he would understand that if being bisexual makes us happy than it's our choice and we should have freedom to live our lives. No matter how negative you feel now there is always light at the other end of the tunnel and it will get better, it may take a long time but trust me it eventually does get better.