During my high school freshman year, I joined the tennis team. During practices, the coach would sometimes have the varsity players help out the new players on our game by giving us advice. I made a connection with a varsity player who was a senior. His name was Rob. At the time I thought it was so cool to hang out, at least on the court, with a senior. We didn't hang out beyond the tennis court though.

Whenever he would coach me, we would joke around. He was just so friendly. I got a different vibe from him than i got from other friends. But he did have a gf.

After one practice he offered me a ride home. But first we stopped by his house. No one was home. He said he wanted to shower and change because he was going to meet up with his gf later. He asked if I minded. I thought it was kinda strange but i didn't complain. It was kind of cool going to his house. He showed me part of the house. It was a pretty big place. We went to his room. He started to take off his clothes. He ******** down to his boxers. he turned on the xbox and told me to chill while he showered. It was so weird being there. I couldn't concentrate on anything except that i was in Rob's room while he was showering.

He didn't shower very long. He came back to the room with only a towel around his waist. I pretended not to look at him. He jokingly asked if i wanted to shower. i said i was fine. I knew that I was blushing. He walked over to his dresser and just drop his towel. He was completely naked. He just kept yapping. I had a feeling he wanted me to look at him. I just kept looking at the tv screen. I have to admit that i got a hardon. He got dressed. Nothing else exciting happened that time.

We did this one other time. I was more comfortable with the situation the next time. This time he asked me if I had a gf and about my sexual experiences. And I asked him about his gf and their experiences. It was then that he offered to let me see him and his gf have sex since i was a virgin at the time. I now realize that the guy was kind of an exibitionist. About a week later, he arranged it so that I hid in his closet while he and his gf were having sex. But that's another story.

We never did anything sexually. I did feel sexually attracted to him whenever I saw him naked and when he was doing it with his girlfriend. And I have jo thinking about his naked body. He graduated last year. And I have been dated girls since then.

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Silly boy.... he was trying hard to seduce you!