Needed Someone Who Will Make Me Feel Good

I'm a pretty open-minded person willing to try new things.I just got back
from work and I needed someone who will make me feel good and relaxed.I
love men but I will say nice to women also, as long as he/she is
clean and has a positive attitude.I am in for finding a 'friend' who
will do that to me.If you wanna know more just ask me!
I am always on .
Tracykkk Tracykkk
26-30, F
8 Responses Nov 9, 2010

Where do u live sexy girl? Does the end of ur screen name mean ur in the ku klux klan?

So what kind of friend are you seeking? Short , tall thick , thin , dark , light ????

i love bi-females... and I'd love to be with 2 women at the same time... and watch them kiss and touch each other... this would be such a turn on... would keep me hard all night long

yeah, it is totally cool that your bi, so am i.

I'm just learning how tender and sensual a woman's kiss can be. Am looking forward to experimenting more too. Good luck in your search.

this is not a post but an advert it shouldnt be here.i would bet youre HELPING OUT has a big dollar sign attached somewhere.

If you want to talk I'm always checking my email for EP stuff to read and reply to even personal messages. What would yoyu like to discuss?

I can hElp you out