How can you be sure that you're bi?

I think I am, I'm not entirely sure. I've found myself to be attracted to females, as well as males. I can picture myself with a female more than a male at times, then sometimes I can picture myself more with a male. I've wanted to kiss both females and males. I've wanted to date males and females. I'm not sure if this is just hormones or if I'm really bi. How can I be sure what my sexual orientation is? I'm really confused.

Then there's the problem if I truly am bisexual. Coming out of the closet. I have bisexual friends who are ridiculed and bullied for being bisexual, I don't think I can handle that.
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Hey So I Am In The Kinda Same Position && I Have Kissed a Girl B4 More Like Makeout && That Was My First Kiss When I Was Lile 6 :/ So Now I'm Super Confused Whether I'm Bi Or Opened Minded .. I Have Friends Daht Are Bi & Gay && They Don't Geht Picked On They Jus Make The Best Out Of It && I'm Amazed On How They Don't Giva F*** & Like I Flirt Wit My Friends That Are Girls A lot && They Don't Kno I Have Kissed a Girl Not Even My Bestes Friends && 1 Of My Bestieez Asked Me If I Was Bi 1 Hour Ago && I Jud Replied "F*** NO !!" Buhh Dahts Jus Cuz I'm Not Sure Waht She Will Think && I Dont Want Her To Be Like "O.O WTF" ..Me && Her Both Got Bi Friends I Jus Don't Kno Buhh Jus Be Opened Minded && Youu Don't Have To Tell Any1 Buhh Jus Be Yourself && When Youur Ready Jus Tell Youu Bestiee Or People Youu Trust, I Told My Best Friend Boy I Kissed a Girl && He Took It Well So I Am Not as Scared To Be In A Relationship Wit A Gitl Any Moe ' By The Way Girls Are Gud Kissers ^.♥ haha Ohk Byee ! -Hope This Helped

My advice is to stay in the closet with your family and casual friends. Should you care to share your feeling with a very close friend, then do it, but being discrete about any sexual activity at your age is probably the best way to go.

a lot of people say you have to at least sleep with both sexes but I am still a virgin and I know for sure deep down I like both. I don't have to have sex to get turned on by a hot guy or girl. If you get excited in your pants for a woman and a man lol..then your bi. And its not just sexual desire either, its wanting a relationship with someone and you can picture yourself with them. Thats how I know.

And if your afraid of coming out, thats understandable I came out but was lucky enough to have good friends and family. There were a few people who took it bad. But screw them its OUR life.

And its not like you have to come out, but its gonna happen. Just surround yourself with positive and caring people who you trust will understand.

i totally know what your feeling. the rumors are horrible. and im scared to totaly come out too, but take it slow. tell the people u trust first and when you are ready u can tell more people. that is what i am doing. and there are a lot of ways to expirament with out people knowing, there are support groups where you can meet other people in the same situation as you are. try finding one they help a ton.

you may be bi and if the opportunity arises and it feels right you will know. just be open to what ever comes your way. I read a wise comment from a smart writer once that said it seemed foolish to dismiss sex with half the worlds population just because of their sex

If I experience though, people will know, and rumors will automatically start flying around. No one exactly knows how to keep their mouth shut. xP<br />
<br />
& thanks. The Kinsey reports are rather fascinating.

If you're not really sure, then only experience can tell you if you're really bi or not. <br />
Hey, statistics actually show that most people are at least a little bit bi. Most of us have some attraction to both sexes, even self defined gay and straight people, it's just that usually one is preferable. Google Kinsey and read up about this, you're definitely not alone in your confusion. :)