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Am I, Or Am I Not?

I do not have a clue as of right now what my Sexual Orientation is.  I am extremly attracted to Men...I know that. But lately, girls have been catching me eye. Like when I see girls in bra's on TV and such, I dont want to stop watching. I have found myself thinking that girls are hot and everything, and I just dont know. I really need help, I am willing to admit that. However, I have not told ANYONE this. Not even my best friend.

CelloChick45 CelloChick45 16-18 68 Responses Feb 10, 2008

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Bisexual would double your chances for a date on Saturday night,right? is a nice dating site for bisexual,bi-curious singles and couples. welcome to join us :)

I feel so much the same way

I'm in the same boat as you.

I have found that most women who are bi are the best lovers and friends a man can have,they are totally openminded,and not afraid to express their feelings.Plus they and tend to be more uninhibited than straight women.....

I know what you mean this happens to me all the time. I never told any of my friends till about 2 years ago. I was terrified to tell my best friend, but then i told her and she already knew, and she was suprisingly ok with it and still sees me as the same girl i was before. but i still doubt that im bi. only because i dont think i could ever hook up with a girl if im sober, the only thing i could see me doing with a girl sober is kissing them, so its hard to say and iv been asking myself the same thing for about 6 years

like the both as well....

It is very understandable to me of desiring a non-op tranny. My lover of 17 yrs. has turned into the most beautiful loving and caring person a women can ever dream of. And many have and have expierenced my creation. I love watching a woman marvel over her beauty and thick. Eight foot long Rapunzel mane. Me and my cousin don't allow her hair to be cut except for bi-annual dusting trims. We never thought it would grow to such a woman great.length. We think maybe because of the steady flow of hormones I ensure I requested him to take over the past 15yrs and orchiectomy 2 yrs ago. Go with you'll love it!

Fantasy is so different than experiencing the reality. I found out once. <br />
I got a job to do an industrial commercial. I played the part of a damsel in distress.<br />
I was tied with a rope ( not too tight, just believable) onto a wooden chair. All I had to do was wriggle and wiggle and 'tied up' flail ...till the hero rushed in, to save me. So sweet, on paper. On film it took maybe seconds. <br />
I was all into having it great, in one take, totally unafraid and happy to be getting paid to work in a business full of gigs "on spec" <br />
Anyway, never before or since has this happened to me, I could not animate my self at all, not in one take, or any of the few others.<br />
. I felt as if I had been flung back into time, a scary time, where being tied up was not good or even close to pretend. I could not even lift my head up and swing hair. I really am not trying to say anything to you but it is hard to know how we may honestly feel beyond what we are anticapating. So stay safe. Know to do what you do with those you know and trust. Just in case the weird freak accident occurs. You'll know you'll be fine if not more informed. eternaltrue8

Cellochick, there is nothing wrong in being attracted to your own gender as well as to the other. Some of us are uniquely heteroxual, some of us uniquely homosexual, and the majority are in between, one or the other with a varying percentage of the other choice as well. In countries like Western European countries and Canada seuxal choices are respected and they are yours only. The only thing that is severely condemned is manipulating young people like you into making choices you're not sure of, or forcing someone into a relationship they do not really want. Just be aware that in a lot of places, however, including the United States, there is a lot of criticism of homosexual choices, and it is sometimes better not to show publicly that you are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. In some countries like Russia or Saudi Arabia, it is considered a serious disease and is punishable by scorn or even death. So just be careful and learn that your choices may, in some circumstances, meet with very unfriendly attitudes. <br />
This being said, I'm blocking you, since as a matter of principle I think that nobody under 18 should take part in groups dealing with sexual matters on EP. There are many groups for teenagers only you can access, and there are unfortunately probably a number of pedophiles lurking in dark corners of EP.

studies have actually proven that in most cases, bisexual women make better mates. probably because they have fewer hangups and are more emotionally mature, because they've dealt with admitting their orientation to themselves and others and learned the lessons of that process. not sure how that's relevant but it comes to mind. <br />
<br />
anyhow, this is no big deal. fixed orientation is a cultural artifact anyhow. every other mammal on the planet is bi, so it stands to reason that humans are too, but we're conditioned by society to choose an orientation and stick with it. it's bullshit.<br />
<br />
just relax, be yourself, and wait for the right woman to wander into your circle, then ... giggity!<br />
<br />

I am... & I'm proudly admit that... My bf thinks it's cool..

I had the same thing happen when I was younger XD<br />
I first realized I'm bisexual when my female friend kissed me, and I kissed back... And of course, the fact that I fantasized about girls as well as guys made it clear too XD <br />
I honestly prefer female partners to male now... girls understand me so much better, and aren't just trying to brag to their friends about bonking the girl with the giant boobs.

I am bi-sexual. At this point, I would say you are bi-curioius. You are curious about it, but don't know for sure that its what you want. I was there. I fought it for awhile because I was afraid that I was going to become totally gay. I know how silly that was now. Enjoying being with a woman can't take your enjoyment of being with a man away. I'm just a very sexual person that looks at the inside only. The outside and what goes with it doesn't matter to me. There is nothing wrong with that. I think its beautiful because its like the souls fall in love..if love occurs. I have never lived with a girlfriend. I have been married to 3 differen men and have 3 kids. I am 38 and didn't become aware of my bi-sexuality until a little over 10 years ago. I suggest you get some ****. If you don't think you are ready for just girl on girl, then get something with two girls and a guy. Watch it alone..maybe grab a prop..:-) See what happens. If your body AND mine react...then its time to make the big decision. Do you act on those urges with another woman? The most important thing about picking the person to experiment with is who can you trust and what is the level of risk that this person has any thing you can catch from them. There are STDs that a woman can pass to another woman. It is harder for us to protect ourselves in that situation. I didn't know I thought I would share. Anyway, when it was first starting with me, I would be with a guy and he would be down there..and thoughts and images would just pop in my head on there own...a woman. I tried to fight it at first. I was raised in Church and taught it would put me in I was scared. Then, I met this couple. My second husband's mom and her girlfriend. They had a beautiful mutual love...unconditional. It was so awesome..and I could something so beautiful be wrong? Then I met Corey. She was gorgeous. The typical California girl..and she wanted me. She pursued me relentlessly. Then one day she said it was time to go back home to California. She was leaving in a week. I was going crazy! I could not spend the rest of my life not knowing. Thats just not who I I did it. There was no looking back after that. I knew the truth, and I couldn't lie to myself about it any longer. If any of you want to talk...I am here. I know it was scary on sooo many levels at the beginning...for me anyway.

Experiment a little, have some fun explore, your bi-curious, its good to wait to say anything tho, because once you tell, you cant change the other persons mind about it. Im bi and i keep it to myself but my bestfriend knows. I already know that i am, but you should give it a chnge, you might like it:)

I don't think you need help. Not really. Like, what would be the harm in giving it a go? I'm a straight guy, but in the past have experimented with my sexuality. I quite enjoyed the experiences, but it confirmed to me that I am straight. So go in with an open mind and be done with the wondering. It'll help you sort it out one way or another. And if it turns out you really do like guys and girls, well so be it. It's all good.

It's definitely okay to feel what you're feeling right now. I'm fully lesbian but there was a time where I was sooo confused. If you are, you are. Don't worry about it and just accept the fact that you're still the same person :)

AwSome! I'm a 19 year old bisexual. I'm more on the lesbian side though.. lol. Listen Honey, Sometimes, it is possible to be a faze. But if you continue to find yourself still attracted, You might be bi Curious. You'll never know until you try it out :) (It's AwSome by the way).. Once You try it out and actually Enjoy it! Your A Bisexual! Nothing wrong with that! Get the conscience off you shoulder. It's okay not feel comfortable at first to tell people. Then You realize, Hey! I don't care what people say! I like D*** & P****... So What! Haha... Inbox sometime... Whenever you need to talk! I'm Here..

i get what you mean.. though i have never been into a relationship before.. never had a boyfriend but i never had a girlfriend either.. it's just confusing..

well from what i can say from my own personal "experience" (if you can call it that way) is that; i have attracted to men deeply, but since i am an artist i find the feminine figure very appealing. I draw and paint female bodies. Its not because you find a figure pretty that it means your a bisexual. <br />
<br />
would you go out with a girl? Do you see yourself spending the rest of your life with a girl? or later on have sexual adventures with a girl? If you said yes, then that might mean that you could be a bisexual. If you said no, then, in my opinion, your not. And if you don't know than try. If you try then you'll know for sure if you are or not.

well from what i can say from my own personal "experience" (if you can call it that way) is that; i have attracted to men deeply, but since i am an artist i find the feminine figure very appealing. I draw and paint female bodies. Its not because you find a figure pretty that it means your a bisexual. <br />
<br />
would you go out with a girl? Do you see yourself spending the rest of your life with a girl? or later on have sexual adventures with a girl? If you said yes, then that might mean that you could be a bisexual. If you said no, then, in my opinion, your not. And if you don't know than try. If you try then you'll know for sure if you are or not.

I'm not bisexual or gay, so I can't really offer input that's undoubtedly credible on a personal level. All I have to say is that women are very prone to bisexuality. That's true. In my lifetime I've only known barely more straight women than I have bisexual women. I can't say for sure that you are bisexual or not. You could just have an appreciation for female bodies that you misconstrue as infatuation or attraction. Even more people are like that. <br />
<br />
All I can say is, that you don't have to worry about being bisexual. It's quite common in females.

I believe I understand how you feel. I too find myself attracted towards other women. However, I think this may be due to a need to be in a gentle loving relationship rather than a sexual desire. I do find looking at certain women a turn on and often wonder if it would feel natural to persue a sexual encounter with with a woman I fancied. Like you I am confused. So far my only sexual encounters have been with men and in none of them did I feel I was respected or loved. I hope that this is not your reasoning and that you have been lucky enough to find a man who is gentle and loving. Sorry I can't give you an answer just hoped that you'd like to know that there are many here like you but for a million different reasons!

You don't need help. I'm a woman who looks at other women too--I'm always not sure if it's because I'm attracted to the, or I wanna be like them. I can imagine kissing lesbians who look like dykes (really cute boys), but not the feminine ones. And kissing or making out is as far as it goes. Women are missing certain parts, and I'm only interested in sex with males. Then, I find myself attracted to both straight and gay males. I probably let myself be more attracted to gay males because they're safer (haha!) and can be more open, sensitive and kind (but not always).

i think you are just like me abiseual curious. you like boy at the same time you attracted to gilrs.dont worry explore it on your own. and little by little you will realize what you looking for. dont rush your self. okey.

U may be bisexual,but u don't have to act on it.


There isnothing wrong in being bi.If you get attracted to some one it is for a reason. and that could be liking a women. I feel you must experience one and be happy.It is wonderful to be cuddled softly and smothered with soft kisses.

After reading some of this comment, I saw that everybody has that similar idea of you being bisexual, but i think most woman feels same way that you feel because of some self confident issues. It is not easy to hear this but, if you can understand that it is normal to ask questions about same sex body, ability, differences than yours and except your own self being as it is; first, you will discover who you really are and secondly, you will really know what you really like.<br />
You already mentioned that you like men and you mentioned you wouldn't share him, so think to your self, are you wondering what he really wants and your curiosity is about, what would be the ideal women figure for someone you care. So you can advance yourself. Nothing is wrong with this either. Because, you are actually curios about your own kind. Knowing about something is always better than just doing blindly. Don't think that, I'm against being bisexual, not at all! I just want people to not do things that are just commune because commune sounds normal and normals made not always from smart people. I just want people's actions will take, little more thoughts! So don't do things that you would regret. After all there is a saying, smart people learn by experience but wise people learn from others experiences! Listen to your heart and your mind, where they across!

expirement with women to see how you feel and if you still get the hots for both men and women then it is settled you would be bisexual

Sexuality is extremely complicated: it is social, mental, emotional, and hormonal.<br />
As teenagers human hormones go wild, along with emotions, thoughts--it is a time of trimming the brain wires, and producing new body parts that will control the rest of our life.<br />
<br />
The strangest part of it all I've encountered is how people's sexuality changes: I've known hard core homosexuals of both sexes turn stone straight; I've seen staunch straight turn bi-sexual. The change usually happened with their going on or off of drugs.<br />
<br />
However, the change happens more with women than men (I've known) and it is always frustrating for their bisexual relationships to go sour as the woman gets hormonal balancing pills. The other way, marriages breaking apart as the woman gets hormonal balancing treatments that make her horny only for women.<br />
<br />
Many women I've known were fascinated by beutiful women and their clothes--turned on, but not really sexually attracted. If you watch lesbian or bi-**** you will probably get turned on by it just because of the sexual nature and sounds, don't let that make your decision.<br />
<br />
Oh yeah, childbirth often completely changes women's sexuality (and personality).<br />
<br />
Best advice, you're a teenager, you're a woman--don't get locked into anything. Beware of all controling relationships that don't let you be you.