I Am Bi-sexual?

 I am a bi.

 I see nonething wrong with it even tho I have not been in a ralionship with one I have had many GFs tho my years but I have only kissed them have not gone any faher than that, its still nice tho to have a bf or a gf eaither way as long as your happy.

but, right now I am enganed to my bf and I love him more than anything else he just does not know I am a Bi. Should I tell him this?

Pallavi Pallavi
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 15, 2008

Well i would tell him! I finally sort of admitted to my boyfriend that i have had crushes on other girls and made out with a few girls... he is more than fine with it. He actually wishes i would just admit it to myself, or at least be happy with who i am. I won't tell anyone else about it (not that there is a problem with it) but i am just not ready to talk about with anyone. I mean i love my boyfriend so why do i need to tell people other than him...<br />
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Sorry bit rambly...<br />
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But i definately think you should tell him. He is your fiance and loves you for who you are. <br />
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Good luck xx

Honesty is always the best. He may feel like he knows you better. And I believe, through experience and understanding, that he may be fairly welcoming to this.