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I think I'm bi. Women totaly turn me on but sometimes some of my guys friends do to. I have one friend who I'm really close too who I'm really attracted to and I think he might feel the same way but I'm afraid I scared him off. One night we both got really drunk and I went back to his house to spend the night. I went down stairs to his guest bedroom and he followed me and then just hopped on me and we began hooking up. We probably kissed for an hour until he passed out. He didn't remember any of it the next day and when I told him he freaked out swearing up and down he wasn't attracted to me but I don't buy it. How do you think I could reapproach to see if will lead anywhere. Cause I really want to pursue it with him.
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this is why i don't recommend alcohol, ur decisionmaking isn't the best & if u do it too much u won't remember. u both let ur guard down, him much more than u since u were comfortable bringing it up but ur friend definately wasn't the next morning. it looks like he has some figuring out to do to see how far he wants to go. maybe normally that is not drunk, it's not something he really wants to do @ least right now in his life & if that's so u have just gotta respect it. even if he wants too he might not be ready yet so if he really did remember doing nething with u that night he can't bring himself to talk about it. so i would leave it for now, i know u would really like to have an experiance with him but he's gotta work things out. if he's ready to go further & sober, he will come to u. i think u made it clear u would be interested in fooling around with him so he knows he has got an opportunity with u. or, if he just wants to talk about it don't push going further. be a friend & listen to him. if it's meant to be with him it will happen. if not be open to other opportunities.

Don't push it, he will be back.

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