Flying Back Home – Part 1

Written on May 21st, 2012
In plane coming back from Rome to Lebanon.. I was reading a book killing time when she comes to me asking what I like to eat .. ? I look at her and I found a very attractive host with her sexy uniform smiling at me .. I really was not that hungry so I ask her what she offer me ? .. she read to me what written in the menu but I still don’t know what I want .. so I ask her if u r in my place what u will eat ? she smiled and said .. if its up to me, I want to eat ur ***** .. !!
I couldn’t believe my ears .. is she said what I really heard ? I looked again she was disappear , and for the last 5 min. she was looking at me with a very hot sexy smile .. she was coming and going near me showing her sexy walking .. and give me a smile and secret blank from her eye which make me smile to her also .
She was very stylish woman .. long dark hear .. slim sexy body walk like a princess .. but I am not lesbian .. I cant and shouldn’t fall in to her ..
she came again and ask me again what do u like to eat .. I told her I m not what she thought I am .. she bend over and put her finger at my mouth and said don’t worry I just said what I realy feel .. and I m sorry if I embarrass u .. now I ll bring u some light food and a class of wine she said that and left agine ..
When we arrived to airport I saw her standing next the plane door smiling to all passenger while they are leaving , when I approached to her she put a piece of paper in my hand and said .. just in case u change ur mind , when I get out the plane I look at the paper in my hand what she wrought it was just a mobile no. I looked back at her to see her looking at me.. so I smiled and shake my head ( no ) and continue walking out .. !!
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she could have lost her job for that if you had reported her or even if one of the other passengers had caught on and was disgusted so she was dam lucky it was you she was hitting on and not somebody else

hehehe .. thank u .. but if u see her i m sure u will not report her even if u r not into girls ...

Nice story... now to read part 2

l love Bisexual girl !!!

common among air crew.... some are so lively and bubbly... bet they need the hormones squeezed out..

Wow! Great story. Looking forward to part 2. Please don't make us wait.

Great story! Glad it worked out!

Awww I would love if a woman was as forward as the stewardess was with you. Takes tons of nerve for her to do what she did. Would have been nice to have seen her follow you to the restroom and take things further, or stay on the plane for more fun.

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Very sensual & teasing story!!