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Yes I Am

.... bisexual. I am married with children and extremely attracted to women. However, I'm also extremely attracted sexually to guys. I've never been with a guy, never been close to hooking up with a guy but I do love their masculine physiques.
1Bronco25 1Bronco25 31-35, M 27 Responses Jul 30, 2012

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I know exactly how you feel dude!

If you want something you should seek it out. When it comes to sexual attraction, it can be overpowering. If you find a male body to be sexually stimulating than you would enjoy experiencing sex with a man. Go for it. I did and have no regrets.

I know the very feeling

I hope by now you have experienced your fantasy. There is nothing like running your hands over every inch of another man's skin or massaging oil into every follicle on his body. It is so exciting it is difficult not to go one step farther and wrap your lips around his oiled hard penis. And then if you are ready sit on it, you control how fast penetration happens and can make it feel so good. Good luck to you. If you haven't already experienced it.

So what do you want..?? A **** in your *** or do you want to suck a ****..?

All of it

Why discriminate? do BOTH!

I used to be bisexual until I was almost 25. Even when I was, there was something more electric about guys. Hopefully one day you get to try doing some sexual things with a guy.

One day maybe you will be fortunate enough to experience the pleasure.

you should try it,though it is cheating but still deal with it now rather than not having it done and regretting not doing it at all

I agree, no regrets. He will always wonder why he did not do! Try it, you might like it!

I know what you mean. I've definitely acted on it, but I can't seem to find a steady play buddy. Giving a guy a bj is like nothing else, especially when you get one at the same time. I LOVE 69, but that's not all... ;)

..... maybe not bi-sexual as such, not yet anyway. I think you have a totally healthy outlook on your sexuality. I have quite a few male friends on here who'd love to have an encounter with another man. Personally, I find that a real turn-on and I love talking to them and exploring their fantasies...... also encouraging them to change it into reality.
I'd love to have an encounter with another woman but men have more chance to explore this with strangers....... saunas etc.
I'd love to hear you've managed to fulfill this fanatsy, or even just exchange views.

you should try

You're obviously a cool guy!
Be proud - be very proud!

You're unfortunately not alone, and I feel for you. For whatever reason, I have had many curious married men come to me for the first man-to-man experience. All of them came back for more, and described to me what living in their family homes was like and not being able to be who they are. These damn labels of Str8, gay, bi, trans. To a large extent, they prevent too many people from being WHO they are.

I totally agree!

You should try a guy. I have been bi as far back as I can remember. Enjoy both

i feel like wise

My bf and I are bi and we think we have the most fun of all. You sound like someone who'd be spectacular in a 3 way where you could do whatever you wanted and drop your inhibitions in the process

BI--the ONLY way!! Love 69!! w/ a guy!

I too feel this way some what, I've always wanted to lick a **** as it slides in and out of my wife. I haven't done this yet but I will at some point and I'm sure I'll enjoy it as much as they do.

Labels, labels, labels. Drop them. If you have interest in both sexes---go for it. Go to a men's sauna--you will be able to initiate yourself there.

Would be awesome if you could initiate me :)

You're bicurious, not bisexual. A number of men have bicurious impulses, the most elementary ones being teenage mutual ************ and comparing peepees whether deliberately or when you look at others' ***** in showers or public washrooms. Even getting another man t **** your female is answering a bicurious impulse: you want to see another **** ****** inside her as much as you want to hear her moan on the other man's penis. All this, however, does not make you bisexual. When you've kissed a man, licked his balls and his penis, have gotten used to male smell in bed (beside yours), and ultimately have opened his *** or offered yours, then you'll know if you're bisexual. Don't publicize it too much, though, even to your own family. Your wife may accept but she also turn against you by treating you as a ****** and dragging your ego through the mud. Your kids will be extremely uneasy since no kid (except gay kids, and they're rare and often in the closet) wants to imagine his parents having sex, and particularly not their father bare-asseb with a **** up his rectum. Otherwise, good luck! I'm bisexual, my wife knows, my kids don't, and I enjoy making love with a man whenever I can!

You identify yourself as bisexual while writing you have "never been with a guy." I think perhaps you may be bi-curious instead because bisexual by definition requires sexual contact with someone of the same gender. And to appreciate a masculine physique does not necessarily mean you to are either bi-curious or bisexual. You are among many men and women who unfortunately have not yet explored their full sexuality and are sometimes left with more questions than answers. While a bisexual can be extremely attracted to both women and men, whether he or she is indeed bisexual can be answered only by same-sex interaction. This may be the question for you: whether you actually are curious enough to seek out and be with another man sexually and find out if same-gender sex is actually for you.

Slow down!! Before You ever think of trying let think of your kid first are they going to be fine with it or maybe your wife. Bisexuals is not yet accepted I worried about the side effect you will have to this suistuation. I understand the feeling of worth trying but sadly family have to come first.

I suspect that every guy on occasion has this impulse. I'm thinking that the world is not black or white straight or gay. I've never done it or even come close, but I'll bet the straightest guy in town would get off on having his **** sucked by a guy who is good at that. Just a hunch...

So glad that more than your mind is open to having a m2m experience...

ba<x>sed on my (extensive) experience with married bi's "curious" about a first-time same-sex encounter, I predict that you will need to explore your curiosity. If so, given that you have a wife and children, some unsolicited advise: make ABSOLUTELY certain you trust the other guy to be trustworthy and not talk to ANYONE about his encounter with you. And, if he IS trustworthy, he will NOT ask for your contact info and instead allow YOU to make any later contact (if there is any).

Hi I am the same, married but think about being with another guy, I would like to chat with you, maybe trade pics and cam if you would like